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Phronesis: A model of student-based community activism

Phronesis: A model of student-based community activism

Despite the peaceful clearing of the plaza by the Ashland Police Department on Oct. 31, the Occupy Ashland protest against economic inequality and corporate greed continues, as the nation-wide movement hits the two-month marker. One of the many groups involved in the Occupy Ashland movement is Phronesis, a community organization started right here at Southern Oregon University in Oct. 2010 by a group of students with the specific […]

Humanitarian sculpture installation at Hannon Library officially dedicated

Humanitarian sculpture installation at Hannon Library officially dedicated

This year’s campus theme of civility is illustrated beautifully in “Humanitarians for Justice, Non-Violence and Peace,” a new art exhibit in the Hannon Library, consisting of 21 bronze busts of famous humanitarians. Dedicated Friday, the collection of sculptures was donated by Ashland artist Meera Censor. Censor, a 66-year-old Ashland resident and mother of five, was inspired to create the collection by a personal experience with violence and […]

New artisan bakery opens in Medford

Medford is now home to Buttercloud Bakery and Café, a small artisan bakery and café that had its official grand opening Friday. Their doors are open every day of the week until 3 p.m., although that may be subject to change after the owners gain a better feel for their customers. The new establishment specializes in biscuits, pies, sticky buns and “other downright delicious baked […]

Occupy Ashland works to establish common goals as protest enters its fourth week

Occupy Ashland has worked diligently over the last few weeks to let citizens know that “We are the 99 percent,” or the majority of the population that is not considered wealthy. Now, the protest is focusing on creating concrete goals for the future and recruiting more support. The movement was originally started as a response […]

New pub does things right, caters to locals

A man stands in front of the broad windows of the Playwright, scanning the menu and the advertised events. After a few seconds he opens the door just enough to pop his head in and asks, “Are you guys open?” “For you we are,” replies Christopher Wells, the bartender, as he welcomes the man inside. […]

Monster Dash kicks off Halloween festivities

Monster Dash kicks off Halloween festivities

If you were to stroll down to the Ashland Plaza on Saturday, Oct. 29, you would have found yourself amidst a colorful rendezvous of ghouls and pop stars, comic book characters and costumes of every other design imaginable. Over the weekend, hundreds of Ashland residents of every age gathered in Lithia Park to participate in […]

“Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead” comes to SOU’s Center Square Theatre

(Ashland, Ore.) – The Theatre Arts program of the Department of Performing Arts at Southern Oregon University presents “Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead” by Bert V. Royal, opening on Nov. 3 in the Center Square Theatre on the SOU campus. A hit at the 2004 New York International Fringe Festival, the play […]

Occupy Ashland protests continue as supporters rally in Medford

About 50 members of Occupy Ashland marched to Medford on Saturday, Oct. 15, hoping to gain more supporters with a renewed focus on their goals. Occupy Ashland is a protest that started Oct. 6, in Ashland’s downtown Plaza in response to the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, a nation-wide protest that started on Sept. 17 in […]

What happened to student bus rates?

Commuter students make up approximately 54 percent of the student body at Southern Oregon University, according to SOU’s Commuter Resource Center, and most of these students spend several dollars a day using the Rogue Valley Transportation District’s bus network to get to and from campus. While in the past both SOU and the city of […]

Ashland city council organizes first-ever deer census

Nearly 80 enthusiastic Ashland residents filled the Meese Room of the Hannon Library on Oct. 11, ready to address one of the most serious problems the city of Ashland has faced to date – deer. Growing concerns regarding the city’s perceived deer problem have culminated in the first-ever citywide deer count in the state of […]