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Ashland city council organizes first-ever deer census

Nearly 80 enthusiastic Ashland residents filled the Meese Room of the Hannon Library on Oct. 11, ready to address one of the most serious problems the city of Ashland has faced to date – deer. Growing concerns regarding the city’s perceived deer problem have culminated in the first-ever citywide deer count in the state of […]

City council hears homelessness proposals

The Ashland City Council listened to the recommendations put forth by the ad-hoc Homelessness Steering Committee during the council meeting Tuesday night, but ran out of time before they could vote on which proposals to implement. The ad-hoc Homelessness Steering Committee was created by the council last April to hear input from the community on […]

Mt. Ashland expansion negotiations continue

Negotiations continue between the Mt. Ashland Association and the Ashland City Council as both parties argued over an agreement that would relinquish the city’s special-use permit over the mountain during the council meeting Tuesday. The MAA has been planning an expansion to its commercial ski area since 1998, and by giving up the special-use permit […]

Federal judge to kick off lecture series

This year’s Southern Oregon University campus theme will begin with a bang as Judge John E. Jones III gives two lectures this coming week on what happens when science, politics, and religion meet in a court of law. Jones was appointed a federal judge by former President George W. Bush, and presided over the landmark […]

Occupy Ashland: Rise of the 99%

The Ashland Plaza was filled with about 200 peaceful protesters this weekend during Occupy Ashland, a reaction to Occupy Wall Street, a nation-wide protest that started September 17 in New York City in an effort to raise awareness about corporate greed and the country’s deepening economic woes. A major theme of Occupy Ashland was that […]

Comments from the Peanut Gallery

The Siskiyou is adding a bit of retro flair to the last of our print editions. We’re drawing inspiration from the past by modeling our logo after some of our favorites from the 1960s to 1990s, as well as re-printing material too good to be left forgotten in the dusty annals of history. Submit a […]

History Repeats: This week in 1992

“Bookstore: Is it really ripping us off?” by Alison Berliner (The Siskiyou, Oct. 13, 1992) Does the bookstore at Southern Oregon State College overcharge students who purchase new or used books? Does the bookstore cheat people out of a decent buyback price as well? Many students at SOSC believe so. “They’re ripping us off,” exclaims […]

Human need, not corporate greed: Looking through the eye of the needle

Sunday marked the 23rd day of the Occupy Wall Street protests that originated in New York and have since moved to numerous other cities across the country, including Ashland. The protests’ central goal is to fight corporate greed and social inequality, and I say it’s about damn time. Consider this: Executives are making salaries approximately […]

Fire up the DeLorean: A trip through The Siskiyou’s past – Week 2

“Living North of The Boarder” by Rolando Flores (The Siskiyou, November 24, 1992) “Americans have the right to be racists against us, this is their country,” said Maria Gonzalez from Guadalajara, Mexico, in a conversation with her seven-year-old daughter while she complained about how she was treated by some Americans. Out of ignorance, maybe out […]

Ashland shows its pride at 2011 Southern Oregon Pride Parade

Ashland shows its pride at 2011 Southern Oregon Pride Parade

There was never such a colorful display of exuberant individuals parading down the street Saturday as Lady Gaga’s  “Born This Way” radiated fearlessness through the hearts of the crowd. Ashland’s 2011 Pride Parade drew about thirty floats and over a thousand marchers, as the community dedicated their wares, time and support to reinforce this year’s […]