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New shows in Marion Ady Building

Three new gallery shows opened in the Marion Ady Art Building this week, each featuring art by a Southern Oregon University student. These three installments each present unique themes, media, and imagery, and are currently up for viewing. Jennifer Birdsall presents her “Seemed So Small In My Hands” in the front of the building, a […]

Author performs in Meese Room

Famed lyricist, author, and photographer Eric Alan made an appearance in the Meese Room of Southern Oregon University’s library Thursday, March 31 at 7 p.m., presenting an array of his thematic songs as well as signing copies of his publications. Eric Alan was signing copies of four different books he has authored: “Grace and Tranquility,” […]

Music news

Well I hope you all had a productive and exciting spring break. As for myself, I accomplished absolutely nothing except catching up on sleep and reading. It’s been a while since the last music news column, so I’ll try to stick to the most “important” items from the past few weeks.   Willie may get […]

Group with local roots nominated for hip-hop award

The Oregon band Eastern Sunz, a hip-hop group with two members local to Ashland, Oregon, has been officially nominated for an Independent Music Award for Hip-Hop Album of the year. In case you haven’t heard of them, Eastern Sunz is the duo Courage and TravisT, two Northwest locals who have been performing music together for […]

Crash Kings and their mastery of keyboards

I have to admit that Crash Kings surprised me. I don’t typically listen to anything softer than double bass drums being thundered deep into my eardrums, but I do have my exceptions. Cage The Elephant, The Raconteurs, and Modest Mouse are my three favorite slightly softer alternative bands, and they are the only ones of […]

Exploring the limits of “Limitless”

What would you do if you could use 100 percent of your brain? Help people in need, save lives, gamble, become the president, play the stock market? You would probably need that 100 percent to even fathom what you would do if you could do anything. The whole notion of having complete clarity and extreme […]

Trails are calling after the onset of spring

Spring is rearing its pretty head, and its time to get outside free of wool hats and long sleeves. Dust off the hiking boots and go for a stroll. Lithia Park and the network of trails that stem off it is one of Oregon’s finest hiking destinations. A pleasant winding trail at the top of […]

Mount Ashland Association pushes for more control

Mount Ashland Association pushes for more control

An Ashland city council study session last Tuesday discussed the possibility of transferring the ski area permit from the city to the Mount Ashland Association, the non-profit that operates the ski area. Mount Ashland officials believe that if the Mount Ashland Association has direct control over the ski area permit, potential donors might be more […]

Music News (3/1-3/7)

Music News (3/1-3/7)

“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” Yes folks, that’s the actual title of an upcoming action movie that will be scored by Trent Reznor, who will also make a cameo appearance in the film, playing the vampire who kills Honest Abe’s mother. This one’s going to be priceless. “Snakes On a Plane” anyone? Another disturbing bit of […]

Surviving the Coast Starlight with System of a Down

Surviving the Coast Starlight with System of a Down

The train sucks.  There’s a reason nobody rides trains anymore.  They are awful, life-wasting machines with no other purpose than to be less effective than airplanes. That being said, I ride the Coast Starlight train every other weekend.  Since I must have pissed off any number of deities throughout my life, one of them seemed […]