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UN Week to raise awareness about international issues

This Monday marks the beginning of the annual “United Nations Week,” a week-long event of films, speeches, and panel discussions on a wide variety of international issues, and features a keynote address by Will Davis, Director of the United Nations Information Center in Washington, D.C. The event was organized by the Southern Oregon University United […]

Cullinan remains optimistic about SOU’s future in State of the University address

Dozens of students and community members were in attendance as Dr. Mary Cullinan, president of Southern Oregon University, delivered her annual “State of the University” address last Wednesday in the Rogue River Room of SOU’s Stevenson Union. Cullinan touched on many subjects during her speech, everything from reminiscing about her family’s vacation on the Shenandoah […]

ECOS starts new recycling program

Seventy percent of all waste on the Southern Oregon University campus is recyclable, and thanks to the efforts of one SOU student, it won’t be going to waste for much longer. Misty Munoz, an SOU alumnus, raised $58,000 to overhaul SOU’s recycling program during the summer as part of her capstone project. According to Munoz, […]

National protest against textbook prices comes to SOU

The Textbook Rebellion has arrived at Southern Oregon University, making its campus debut Tuesday during a petition drive in the courtyard of the Stevenson Union. In attendance were two symbols of the campaign; the “Mr. $200 Dollar Textbook” mascot, who represents what students are trying to beat in the rebellion, and the heroic “Textbook Rebel,” […]

SOU student to perform abroad

Beatriz Abella is not your average college student. A music business and music performance double major in her senior year, she performed solo at Carnegie Hall in April after winning second place in a nation-wide competition put on by the National League of Performing Arts, was one of six Southern Oregon University students to perform […]

Federal judge to kick off lecture series

This year’s Southern Oregon University campus theme will begin with a bang as Judge John E. Jones III gives two lectures this coming week on what happens when science, politics, and religion meet in a court of law. Jones was appointed a federal judge by former President George W. Bush, and presided over the landmark […]

Comments from the Peanut Gallery

The Siskiyou is adding a bit of retro flair to the last of our print editions. We’re drawing inspiration from the past by modeling our logo after some of our favorites from the 1960s to 1990s, as well as re-printing material too good to be left forgotten in the dusty annals of history. Submit a […]

OSPIRG’s 5 Tips to Save Energy – Week 2

1. Sign up for an energy walk through with an energy service corps volunteer! 2. Report any leaks, drips, or maintenance issues to your facility manager. 3. Purchase ENERGY STAR appliances (fridges, microwaves, computers). 4. Use a laptop rather than a PC, it uses much less energy. 5. Tell others how they can reduce their […]

History Repeats: This week in 1992

“Bookstore: Is it really ripping us off?” by Alison Berliner (The Siskiyou, Oct. 13, 1992) Does the bookstore at Southern Oregon State College overcharge students who purchase new or used books? Does the bookstore cheat people out of a decent buyback price as well? Many students at SOSC believe so. “They’re ripping us off,” exclaims […]

OSPIRG’s 5 Tips to Save Energy

1. Plug your computer system into a power strip and turn off the strip when you leave the room or go to sleep. 2. For that study lamp, use compact flourescent light bulbs. 3. Wash only full loads of laundry (but don’t over stuff the washer or dryer either.) 4. Set your computer to go […]