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Jackson County Commissioner latest numbers

Jackson County Commissioner Position 1: Golden: 41.38% Skundrick: 58.45% Position 3: Rachor: 55.96% Wisnovsky: 43.87%

Results for senate races…

United Senator numbers: Jim Huffman (rep)- 15,453; 53.34% Rick Staggenborg (pro)- 242, .84% Ron Wyden (dem)- 12,338; 42.58% Marc Delphine (lebt) 416; 1.44% Bruce Cronk (wfp) 483 1.67% Write-in- 41; .14% Total- 28,973

Latest numbers for statewide measures

These are the latest results for Josephine County measures: Measure 70: Yes -84.48% No- 15.52% Measure 71: Yes- 66.33% No- 33.67% Measure 72: Yes- 56.74% No- 43.26% Measure 73: Yes- 56.83% No- 43.17% Measure 74: Yes- 37.59% No- 62.41% Measure 75: Yes- 32.47% No- 67.53% Measure 76: Yes- 65.88% No- 34.12%

Latest election numbers from Josephine County

United States Senator Jim Huffman (REP)-      15,930; 53.38% Rick Staggenborg (PRO)- 2252; .84% Ron Wyden (DEM)-        12,696; 42.54% Marc Delphine (LBT)- 428; 1.43% Bruce Crock (WFP)-      497; 1.67% Write- In-      41; .14% Total-29,844 Representative, Congress, 2nd District Joyce B Seger (DEM)-4,448; 22.54% Greg Walden (REP)-   […]

Josephine County Commissioner’s Race

Coming Soon

A look at the election

This piece was created as a demonstration on kinetic typography and looks at some of the issues, measures, and candidates.

SOU students speak up

Southern Oregon University students are concerned with the future of their education, and it is affecting how they vote this election season. The race for Governor between John Kitzhaber and John Dudley is contentious, with both candidates running on platforms that involve education as one of their main focuses. Kitzhaber, who has previously served as […]

Selling Politics

Advertising and the Political Campaigns Radio commercials, television commercials, paper handouts. Candidates running for various office positions are even using YouTube as an advertisement strategy. Advertising is key if you’re running for a position in office, congress, or if you’re just trying to get the word out about something. But do candidates take campaigning too […]

SOU Streamlines IT

SOU Streamlines IT

Big changes are inbound for Southern Oregon students as the IT and Marketing departments team up to renovate much of the university’s web based tech. Teri O’Rourke is the director of Information Technology at SOU. O’Rourke has overseen various changes to SOU technology and computers in her time directing IT. O’Rourke started working with SOU […]

City Council rejects controversial cell tower

City Council rejects controversial cell tower

The Ashland city council denied approval of a proposal to install 12 new cell towers atop the Ashland Street Cinema, Tuesday. The controversial plan was initially passed by the Ashland Planning Commission in July, but was taken under further review after many residents expressed concern and outrage. Tuesday’s meeting was a continuation of an Oct. […]