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Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots: AFC Championship Preview

As the NFL playoffs begin to draw to an end, all focus falls on the remaining games to decide who will fight for the coveted Super Bowl trophy. For the AFC, a champion will be named Sunday night as the Baltimore Ravens travel to face off against the New England Patriots. Emotions will be running […]

Atlanta Falcons vs San Francisco 49ers: NFC Championship Preview

As the beginning of February approaches sports fans everywhere are looking forward to one of the biggest sporting events in the country, the Super Bowl. Before this can happen two more games must be played this weekend to decide who will be competing for a Super Bowl title. The first game scheduled will decide the […]

Lumberjack International: In honor of Chuck almighty

Lumberjack International: In honor of Chuck almighty

I’ve been saving this one for a while.  Let me just say that Chuck Norris is my hero.  My beard is an active homage to his greatness, and I have an encyclopedia of Chuck Norris jokes stored away in my noggin.  If anybody is amply prepared to spread the word of Chuck, it’s me.  As […]

Diary of a doorman: Pay up, stoney; nobody rides for free.

Yes, yes, yes, it’s another installment of Diary… and to be perfectly honest, I’ve had enough. My thoughts are grim and my actions dire, and somewhere in the gossamer cobwebs of my mind grows a meaty, blue-flamed fire that has its sights set on the cheapskates in this town — the penny-pinching weasels who wouldn’t […]

Diary of a Doorman: finally 86ing a psycho

Diary of a Doorman: finally 86ing a psycho

There are nights in the bar business that leave tired employees scratching their heads, murmuring “what the f**k,” and longing for the warmth and comfort of home, with that old worn-in couch and a stiff drink in hand. The kicker is, these feelings of frustration and bewilderment often come at the end of an otherwise uneventful […]

Fire up the DeLorean: This ain’t your mother’s scrapbook

Southern Oregon University Siskiyou enthusiast Megan Zeimer highlights some of her favorite stories from Siskiyou’s past Where have all the black profs gone? by Wendy Homrighaus (The Siskiyou, January 12, 1993)  How many black faculty members have you seen at Southern Oregon State College lately? None. But why? Over the last 10 years at SOSC, […]

Lumberjack International

Ever since I discovered the joy of facial hair, my face has remained adorned with fuzz.  My beard and I have traveled the world together, conquering countries and wooing locals.  Not only have I cultivated my face hairs above the Arctic Circle, but I have also bronzed my whiskers near the equator.  From here on […]

Responsibility of Choices Will Track You Down

Recently my wife and I…at my wife’s insistence…went to the animal shelter to buy some books, to help support the construction of a new building at the shelter. Ok, anything for the poor critters housed there, and plus I was going to get a bag of books for only $5 … what a deal. I […]

180 Degrees South: An Adventure on Film

Epic journeys are few and far between in this modern world. Almost every frontier has been explored. Even much of the deepest areas of the ocean have been explored. In a time where boundaries are shrinking exponentially, and the horizons seem so much closer, a journey must sometimes simply be a retracing of steps long […]

Hit by the graduation express

I had a dream last night. One like I haven’t had in a long time. It was midnight and for some reason I was walking down a railroad track in the middle of nowhere. Like a kid, I was balancing on the 3-inch rail walking as far as I could before I fell off. The […]