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How To: Adjust to Spring

Ashland, Ore. – The warm weather is finally coming to Southern Oregon, and while we’re rejoicing, some of us may also be having a hard time. Finals, unexpected bouts of rain, and the anticipation of being free for the summer (or even forever…!) can have students feeling like they’re fighting a losing battle. Here are […]

How To: Stay Safe Around Campus

How To: Stay Safe Around Campus

Ashland, Ore. – Unfortunately, there have been reports of assault and harassment happening on both the Ashland and Medford campuses over the past few weeks. These events have left some of us a bit shaken up. While it is a bit scary to be alone on campus, there are ways to help prevent an unpleasant […]

How To: Combat Dry Winter Skin

Winter wreaks havoc on our bodies, and it seems to show up first in our skin. As we know, the skin is the body’s largest organ and taking care of it is crucial. As always, make sure to stay properly hydrated. Water is the surest way to accomplish this, but tea, particularly green, is also […]

How To: Make it Through Midterms

Whether the first few weeks of the term have seemed entirely short or entirely too long, midterms are once again upon us. Although it’s easy to fall into unhealthy habits while trying to get homework done, make it to class on time, take care of our homes, and now study enough to pass midterms, it’s […]

How To: Apologize

While at first glance this may seem like an article on something we all learned as children, I’d like to stress the importance of properly apologizing to someone you’ve wronged. We all have at least one person we still feel funny around (or don’t even associate with anymore) because of a hurt that’s occurred in […]

How To: Stay Warm and Look Cute

For all of its beauty, Ashland is a very cold place to live. The occasional snowfall and blanket of frost may look great in a photograph home, but it makes it difficult to stay warm! You may find that once you finally find a warm, reliable coat and dry, cozy boots, they make you look […]

How To: Beat That Cold!

Yes, the harsh winter is upon us, and with it comes the dreaded plague to which we’re all susceptible: the common cold. This sickness makes your head hurt, your nose run, your limbs heavy…the list goes on! But this doesn’t mean you have to look as bad as you feel! Fear not darlings, I have […]