Review: Rocky Horror Picture Show


Southern Oregon University’s Rocky Horror Picture Show was one for the books. Being a Rocky Horror Picture Show virgin I did not quite know what to expect walking in for yearly show hosted by EPIC. With just a brief and fairly unhelpful explanation of the show, I was unsure of what I was getting myself into.  

As I asked around before the show the general explanation left much to the imagination. All I learned was: it’s a movie about a transvestite. Great. Not too helpful. It seemed that even those that have seen the show before did not understand it much either.

For those that do not know, Rocky Horror Picture Show is a movie made in 1975 which follows a prudish couple Brad, played by Barry Bostwick and Janet, played by Susan Sarandon as they venture off to a mysterious mansion after they get a flat tire. They meet the owner, Dr. Frank-N-Furter a transvestite and scientist. Through their adventure in the mansion they meet the strange and wild characters that live there while also starting to lose their innocence, while singing and dancing, of course.


Since the characters in the movie all dressed in provocative clothing with over the top makeup  the crowd was encouraged to do so as well. There were fishnets and corsets galore. The audience was in full embrace of their wild side.

Before the movie started there were a couple competitions to undergo. First off, a glamorous costume contest, next a vocal fake orgasm contest and lastly a dramatic reading contest of pop culture songs and Touch Me, a song from the movie. By the end of the competitions the crowd was fully engaged and ready for a good show. As for myself, on the other hand, I was still very much unsure of what to expect.

The movie itself was odd, to say the least. And unlike most movies where it’s considered rude to interrupt, it was actually encouraged. During the course of the movie every time a character said Susan the crowd yelled “Slut.” When a character said the name Brad the crowd yelled “Asshole.” These were all facts that would have been nice to know before the movie began. It certainly came as a shock when the scene opened with a nice girl and everyone yelled “Slut.”  In addition, there were goodie bags full of items for us to throw at specific times in the movie.

The crowd would continuously make sarcastic comments collectively making fun of it. The movie itself is fairly random. The plot was clear but it strayed often with violence, time travel and death. It’s something that has to be watched hundreds of times in order to fully enjoy in a crowd, as engagement and snarky comments are a necessity for the film. The movie itself is not something I’d watch on my own free time, however, having the ability to experience so many individuals being able to show off their wild side in a comfortable and non judgmental setting was worth it.  

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