The Siskiyou Commenting Policy

The goal of the Siskiyou commenting system is to provide a positive and informative atmosphere for our readers to share their thoughts and opinions in an open and freely accessible space while still enforcing general rules of respect, tolerance, patience, and understanding. In today’s increasingly political and polarizing media climate policing user comments effectively requires a deft touch. In essence we must be vigilant as observers and members of the community when posting our own comments and replying to others.

The Five Principles of Acceptable Behavior on the Siskiyou Commenting Section

  1. The Siskiyou first and foremost in an organization for students of Southern Oregon University, but at the same time caters to the community at large and must welcome and support all of its members.
    1. As such a community, the Siskiyou will never discriminate or tolerate inappropriate behavior against another commenter simply because of a difference of opinion.
    2. The Siskiyou will also by extension never favor a specific view or ideology by posting an inappropriate comment which may fall in line with the opinions of Siskiyou staff, our responsibility is to fostering a healthy and civil online community of student and relevant contributors
  2. The Siskiyou must be an open forum for its readers and commentators and as such foster healthy and open debate between its members as part of the democratic process.
    1. While anger and frustration may arise from the allowance of debate it is an inherent component of a functional and open democracy
    2. While the Supreme Court has upheld profanity as a method of free speech that does not mean excessive or pointless profanity (obscenity) will be tolerated on the commenting sections of the Siskiyou.
  3. The Siskiyou is committed to the promotion of a non-toxic and healthy atmosphere.
    As such, we do not allow hate speech, nor do we allow speech that advocates or supports hatred or unlawful violence. We do not allow racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, or other intolerance.

    1. Threats of violence against a particular individual or group is intolerable and will be not be tolerated on the Siskiyou
    2. Commenting on another user’s physical or mental state is also inexcusable in any instance, especially here. This also applies to the celebration of an individual’s death, illness or personal loss
    3. Propagation of conspiracy theories, such those regarding 9/11, are not tolerated.
  4. In order to preserve a functional and civil conversation, we do not allow trolls, trollish behavior, or stalking.
    1. We do not allow speech that is solely intended to provoke other users, to cause disorder or confusion, or to inhibit regular, on-topic conversation.
    2. We also do not tolerate stalking. This includes posting personal information about another community member, pursuing another member from thread to thread in an attempt to harass, deliberately misquoting or lying about another member, copying a username in order to embarrass or harass another member, or unwelcome sexual advances toward another member.
    3. In addition, we do not tolerate lying about being a staff moderator or about communications with a staff moderator.
  5. Every user on the Siskiyou has the right to be free of spam or inappropriately placed links to personal sites or business pages which are not relevant to the articles on the website.
    1. Spam includes comments that are off-topic. If off-topic conversation inhibits or prevents on-topic conversation, we consider it comment hijacking, and do not allow it.
    2. That said, we understand that the Siskiyou’s comment threads aren’t just about content. They’re also about conversation.

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