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“Enemy Within” Looks to be a Breath of Fresh Air

A remake of the 1994 game UFO: Enemy Unknown/X-COM: UFO Defense , X-COM: Enemy Unknown took critics and fans by storm, receiving over 20 awards at E3 2012. With a smart mix of action and strategy, it restarted the heartbeat of the turn-based strategy genre. Tackling a hostile invasion of extraterrestrials, you play a commander […]

This Summer In Gaming: What To Look For In The Coming Months

Today will be a break from the usual formula of this column. As this will be the last Siskiyou gaming article for the school year, I thought that I’d talk a little bit about what we’ve seen so far this year in the gaming industry, and what to look for this summer. First, let’s talk […]

Interview with James Portnow of “Extra Credits”

As I’ve mentioned in past articles, there are several forces increasing the sophistication of video games. “Extra Credits” is creating awareness of it. “Extra Credits” is a web series written by game designer James Portnow and animated by Daniel Floyd (with artists varying throughout the show’s history). The videos they produce create dialogue on issues […]

League of Legends: Smarter Gaming

Ordinarily I cover lesser-known indie games in this column, but “League of Legends” has become too big of a presence in my leisure time to ignore discussing it here. League of Legends (lovingly referred to as “LoL”) is a multiplayer online battle arena game developed and published by newcomer Riot Games for Windows and Mac […]

Review – DLC Quest

Ben Kane is an indie developer that’s recently garnered a lot of attention with his newest title, “DLC Quest”, winner of Xbox’s Indie Game of 2011 (Despite being very popular on the Xbox, “DLC Quest” has only recently come to Steam). “DLC Quest” is a very small-scale game, but it has large implications. The game’s […]

“Chivalry”: Independent Game Both Violent And Humorous

If Quentin Tarantino made a video game, that video game would probably look something like “Chivalry”. Within fifteen minutes of playing “Chivalry” you will be decapitated, disembowel a knight, watch a man clutch the stump of his severed arm, and have your skull caved in with a warhammer. I’ve heard “Chivalry” called “Call of Duty […]

“The Binding of Isaac”: Inexpensive Indie Game Has Tremendous Replay Value

For those of you not familiar with the industry, indie games are independently developed video games. Instead of being produced by a big-budget studio, indie games are developed and fully funded by a small group of friends with a passion for their work. Because indie games have such a small budget, their developers can very […]

Indie gaming spotlight: Out of the ordinary

Whilst gaming my way across the World Wide Web, I have experienced some of the most offbeat and wonderful gems that the indie community has to offer.  Travelling and studying abroad has introduced me to gaming studios and websites I otherwise never would’ve encountered without the input of my gaming friends from around the world. […]

A return to the 2nd dimension

A return to the 2nd dimension

When it comes to indie gaming, there is less of a focus on expensive graphics engines and gleaming eye-candy because the indie community is way past that. Game play and story have reemerged as priorities to those of us who are tired of the same monotonous stream of First Person Shooters on the next-gen systems.  […]

Five twisted titles for the Halloween-inspired gamer

Five twisted titles for the Halloween-inspired gamer

With Halloween quickly approaching, we take a look at the top five video games sure to give you a fright! Video games in the horror genre are in no short supply, so be warned, for they are not for the faint of heart, and only the strongest souls can play through them! 1.”Resident Evil” (any […]

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