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History Repeats: This week in 1992

“Bookstore: Is it really ripping us off?” by Alison Berliner (The Siskiyou, Oct. 13, 1992) Does the bookstore at Southern Oregon State College overcharge students who purchase new or used books? Does the bookstore cheat people out of a decent buyback price as well? Many students at SOSC believe so. “They’re ripping us off,” exclaims […]

OSPIRG’s 5 Tips to Save Energy

1. Plug your computer system into a power strip and turn off the strip when you leave the room or go to sleep. 2. For that study lamp, use compact flourescent light bulbs. 3. Wash only full loads of laundry (but don’t over stuff the washer or dryer either.) 4. Set your computer to go […]

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 26 through Oct. 3

Textbook Prices Just Aren’t Right As most people are well aware, the prices of college textbooks are increasing at a staggering rate. Most students pay anywhere from $300 to $900 per term for their textbooks. That’s just not right! Something must be done to change this! The good news is that there are various affordable […]

Fire up the DeLorean: This ain’t your mother’s scrapbook

Southern Oregon University Siskiyou enthusiast Megan Zeimer highlights some of her favorite stories from Siskiyou’s past Where have all the black profs gone? by Wendy Homrighaus (The Siskiyou, January 12, 1993)  How many black faculty members have you seen at Southern Oregon State College lately? None. But why? Over the last 10 years at SOSC, […]

In The Works

In The Works

Renovations to Southern Oregon University’s Churchill building have begun.    Renovations to one of the oldest buildings on campus have begun, making errands around Southern Oregon University a little more difficult for students. The university’s Churchill building was constructed in 1926. Since then, there hasn’t been much opportunity for the university to renovate it, said […]

Let the Rebellion Begin

Almost 70 percent of students reported not purchasing one or more assigned textbooks because they couldn’t afford it, according to a new survey released by the Student Public Interest Research Group. College Board, a service that helps to prepare students for college through tutoring and college application advice, reports the average student will spend approximately […]

Tuition Raised 6.8 Percent

By the time they complete their education the average college student will be around $24,000 in debt, reports the Huffington Post, and judging from unemployment statistics they will have little chance of paying it off in the near future. Despite these staggering statistics, colleges all across the country are seeing their enrollment numbers skyrocket, and […]

SOU Students Build Community Garden

SOU Students Build Community Garden

Over the summer a group of Southern Oregon University students and community members came together to organize a community garden on the outskirts of Ashland in an effort to help homeless and low-income residents and, in the words of one organizer, “engender a sense of community.” “It was an idea that came from a few […]

A Fresh Start

With students returning to Southern Oregon University for the beginning of yet another year, student government is once again roaring into action, fresh from summer training and ready to start anew. “There’s a lot of issues on campus that have never been dealt with before,” said Hassan Harris, Associated Students of Southern Oregon University president. […]

Two New Exhibits in Schneider Museum

Two new exhibitions opened in the Schneider Museum of Art at Southern Oregon University last Thursday, “Felt to Steel” by local artist Ellen Wishnetsky-Mueller, and “Mi Linda Soledad,” a retrospective by Colorado artist Emilio Lobato. The reception was attended by well over a hundred SOU students and community members, and featured the smooth tones of […]