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Powerful Exhibit Shows that Clothing ≠ Consent

Powerful Exhibit Shows that Clothing ≠ Consent

“A place to dispel the myth that clothing gives any type of consent,” described Katie McGrath, the senior who curated the exhibit “What I was Wearing” which displayed in the SU Gallery last week. A walk through the space revealed different forms of attire hanging on the walls: business casual, club dresses, sweatpants a T-shirt, […]

Truth: This Year’s Campus Theme Series

Truth: This Year’s Campus Theme Series

On Thursday, Nov. 16, students, faculty and philosophy fiends came to the Hannon Library, and made their way upstairs to the Meese Meeting Room. By 7:00 P.M. the room had all but reached its 115 person max capacity, and the term’s final Campus Theme Truth Series, a panel on the nature of truth, kicked off. […]

4Screen Festival Showcases Unique Shorts From Around the Globe

4Screen Festival Showcases Unique Shorts From Around the Globe

The first ever 4Screen film festival, was held in Hannon Library Thursday evening and showcased interesting films submitted by movie makers from around the world.  Meese room is located on the third floor of the building that was just voted as one of the top libraries in the country and entertained around 50 viewers. Andrew […]

Feminist Frequency comes to SOU; Anita Sarkeesian Talks about Feminism in Popular Culture

Anita Sarkeesian, creator of the Feminist Frequency blog, will be giving a presentation on March 15 in the Stevenson Union to talk about strong female characters throughout pop culture history. Sarkeesian is a feminist pop culture media critic. Her self-produced series of online videos, “Feminist Frequency”, is a commentary on culture and media from the […]

Peek @ the week (or month…) for February

Thursday, Feb. 2 Noon – 1 p.m. Student Sustainability Discussions in SU 105. 4:30 p.m. Mindfulness drop-in group in SU 314/315. 5-8 p.m. Black History Month film in Meese Auditorium (Art Building). 5-8 p.m. T-shirt and underwear party in Diversions. 7-10 p.m. Performance Training for climbing, in rock climbing gym.   Friday, Feb. 3 8 […]

Campus Theme lecture series wraps up with discussion of civility and democracy

Two Southern Oregon University professors and a local historian examined and discussed the role that civility plays in a functioning democracy and conflict resolution on Thursday, Nov. 17, in the Meese Auditorium of SOU’s Art Building. As Fall term’s last installment of the 2011-2012 SOU Campus Theme lecture series on civility, the evening included three […]

OSPIRG works to combat unhealthy food subsidies

“It makes no sense that a box of Twinkies is less expensive than a bag of carrots.” This statement, found on the website of the Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group, summarizes the main argument against government subsidies to agribusiness firms, and is at the heart of OSPIRG’s recent “Stop Subsidizing Obesity” campaign. “The issue is that the government has been subsidizing big agribusiness firms,” said […]

A look at the election

This piece was created as a demonstration on kinetic typography and looks at some of the issues, measures, and candidates.