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Cupcake controversy at California college campus

Cupcake controversy at California college campus

Earlier this month, the College Republicans at the University of California, Berkeley, held a bake sale for what might be the nation’s most controversial cupcake. The campus organization made headlines when they held a bake sale where the price of baked goods would be based on a sliding scale, meaning the price a student would be […]

Let the Rebellion Begin

Almost 70 percent of students reported not purchasing one or more assigned textbooks because they couldn’t afford it, according to a new survey released by the Student Public Interest Research Group. College Board, a service that helps to prepare students for college through tutoring and college application advice, reports the average student will spend approximately […]

Tuition Raised 6.8 Percent

By the time they complete their education the average college student will be around $24,000 in debt, reports the Huffington Post, and judging from unemployment statistics they will have little chance of paying it off in the near future. Despite these staggering statistics, colleges all across the country are seeing their enrollment numbers skyrocket, and […]

New ASSOU officers hope for smooth year

New ASSOU officers hope for smooth year

The newly elected officers of the Associated Students of Southern Oregon University were officially sworn in May 10, bringing an end to a very turbulent year for student government. “I came in here years ago to help students,” said Katherine Gohring, newly elected Computer Science and Mathematics Senator. “And I believe we can still do […]

Testing the value of newspapers

In a partnership with USA Today, Southern Oregon University began a newspaper readership pilot program May 9. Through this four-week program, copies of The New York Times, USA Today and the Medford Mail Tribune will be made available at various locations across campus. A similar program was to be implemented two years ago, but funding […]

Got milk?

Anthropology student works to bring lactation rooms to campus Student and mother Tori Geter is working to provide breast-feeding mothers at the university with a private, comfortable and safe space to breast feed or pump while on campus. Signs stating “the inclusive we” decorate the Southern Oregon University campus, and students are encouraged to express […]

Panel examines current state of economy

Attendants for the “Economic Choices for the Future” lecture on May 3 were confronted with a looming question— “How do you feel about the U.S. economy over the next 12 to 24 months?” The crowd responded via electronic polling with overwhelming feelings of “Cautious optimism but some lingering concern”. Three Southern Oregon University professors interested […]

ECOS awarded university“Green-Tag” refund

After two weeks of deliberation, the Student Fee Committee of the Associated Students of Southern Oregon University has granted $23,000 to the Ecology Center of the Siskiyous toward the construction of a recycling center on campus. “It’s an accomplishment,” said Misty Munoz, a member of ECOS. “It’s adding to all the work that has gone […]

Series of tornadoes set new records

The recent outbreak of tornadoes across the southern United States has devastated hundreds of homes, and lead to a death toll of over 300 people. The National Weather Service revealed numbers identified an estimated 305 tornadoes in recent weeks, and an estimated 327 deaths so far. If estimates are correct, this is the largest case […]

Student performs at Carnegie Hall

Student performs at Carnegie Hall

If you’ve ever been to a performance in SOU’s Music Building, you’ve probably seen Beatriz Abella. She’s a stage manager with the music department, a title she says is mostly just a fancy term for stagehand. You can usually see her punching tickets at the door, setting up the stands onstage between acts, controlling the […]