A Tea Party Fit for Frog and Toad

Nothing is better than a warm cup of tea on a cold winter day. Last week EP!C hosted the perfect event for the rainy weather engulfing Southern Oregon as of late, a tea party to celebrate Leap Day! This is the second in a series of more relaxed, cozier events that EP!C has hosted this term. Previously, they created a book fair in conjunction with the Jackson County Public Library.

For the tea party, the Stevenson Union’s ASSOU Lounge was decorated in a delightful froggy aesthetic (Get it? Because Leap Day?). The room was decked with tea lights, moss, mushrooms, and lily pads. There were also plenty of froggy stickers scattered on each of the tables that students could snag as they sipped their steaming drinks. 

Every tea party needs, of course, tea, and there was a lovely assortment at the event. Provided by The Lovejoy’s Tea Room, all the options were high-quality, loose-leaf tea, with specific steep instructions for each blend. Eventgoers had their pick of lychee rose green, marsala chai, black vanilla lavender, early grey, and jasmine. Of the selection, this author sampled the black vanilla lavender and the chai, and both were delightful. The chai was spicy, warm, and very cinnamon-forward, while the black vanilla lavender was light and refreshing, especially with some citrus honey drizzled in.

Two treats came with the tea service: adorable toad on pond parfaits and strawberry jam scones. The parfaits had a blue raspberry Jell-O base, a whipped cream layer, and a gummy frog perched on top. The scones were the real stars of the show and were the first to run out! A sweet, crumbly texture with streaks of strawberry jam throughout that has practically caramelized from the heat of the oven. They were warm, sweet, and delicious. 

Arguably the best part of this event was that everyone who RSVP’d ahead of time received a mug as they entered! Not only did they have an adorable design featuring lily pads and frogs to fit the Leap Day theme, but they were bigger than your average coffee cup. That, coupled with its heat retention and handle shape, this a mug worthy of sitting in your cabinet (and yes, dear reader, this author has far too many opinions about mugs). 

Overall, this was an event full of good friends, good conversation, and great tea. As we charge full steam ahead into finals week, it was nice to take a brief pause to slow down and sip something sweet. And what better day to celebrate the little joys in life than the bonus day in February’s count?  

There’s only one more EP!C event this term: the Mario Kart Game Night coming up March 7th from 4-7. You can RSVP on HawkNEST, and as always all EP!C events are free for all students! No events for spring term have been announced yet, but if they’re anything like this tea party, they are sure to be a hopping good time. 

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