About The Siskiyou

Our Mission: To generate the highest quality newspaper in an unbiased manner to the students, staff, and faculty with newsworthy, entertaining, and stimulating content.

The Siskiyou is a weekly publication produced by students of Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon. The print edition of the Siskiyou began in November 1926, and over the years has established a reputation for accurate and unbiased reporting both on and off campus.

In January 2012, our editorial staff pioneered the transition to a completely online newspaper, allowing for more flexibility and in-depth reporting than our weekly print edition allowed. As the official student-run newspaper of SOU, the paper publishes stories throughout the academic school year, with the exception of winter, spring and summer breaks.

Community submissions, such as letters to the editor, columns, blogs and article comments are encouraged. Over the years, the editors and staff of the Siskiyou have won numerous awards. In 2009 and 2018, for example, the staff of the Siskiyou was awarded top honors in the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association’s Collegiate Newspaper Contest.

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Meet the Staff:


Claire Grant (she/her/hers): Hello! My name is Claire Grant, and I’m a senior at SOU finishing up my BA in English. I plan on going into publishing post graduation, with my goal being acquisition editing! I’m originally from Chico, California, and I’m loving living in gorgeous Southern Oregon. I enjoy doing local journalism and writing poetry, as well as reading corny romance novels in my free time.
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Emily Perry (she/they): I’m Emily Perry and I am  a Senior majoring in English and Digital Cinema. After graduating, I plan to continue writing, whether it is screenwriting in the film industry or continue with journalism and be an entertainment journalist. I’d also like to work in the publishing industry, just because I love books so much. I am also the Co-Captain of The Next Best Thing Improv Troupe at SOU. In my free time I like to watch Star Trek reruns, buy books I don’t have time to read, bike, and sleep.
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Social Media Manager:

Sydnie Novak (she/her/hers): My name is Sydnie Novak! I’m a biology major and chemistry minor. Post graduation, I plan on going to medical school to pursue my dream of becoming a pediatrician. Outside of my education, I love to ski, take my dog on walks, and adventure outside!  


Mekenzie Brock (she/her/hers): My name is Mekenzie Brock and I am a senior English major here at SOU! I spend my time as a writing tutor, the English Club President, and the Rotaract Club Secretary. With my free time, I enjoy surfing, going on hikes around the area, working out at the gym, and reading books. After I graduate, I plan to travel the world as a travel writer

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Sierra Garrett (she/her): My name is Sierra Garrett and I am a Freshman majoring in Sustainability and minoring in Communication Studies. I am also working towards receiving certificates in Nonprofit Management and Sustainability Leadership. While I don’t have a specific plan post-graduation, I know I’d like to have a job centered around sustainability, community, and making a positive impact. In my free time I enjoy volunteering, making all kinds of art, thrift shopping for vintage clothing, and cooking.

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James Miller (he/him/his): My name is James, and I am an English major and Education minor. When I first started college back home in the Bay Area, CA, I received a certificate in audio engineering, then decided to go back to school to pursue a teaching career. After graduating SOU, I plan to teach high school English while continuing my education to receive my PhD. In my free time, I love to record bands/artists, geek out about books and music with other people, and write.

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Kate Swartz (she/her/hers): My name is Kate Swartz, and I’m an English major with a creative writing minor. I plan to be a high school English teacher after college and hopefully a professional author. I love to read, write, and go on adventures with my friends! 

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Dakota Runyon-Trapp (he/him/his): My name is Dakota and I am a digital cinema major and a digital journalism minor. After I graduate, I would like to become a writer of some sorts like journalist, author, or scriptwriter. I also see myself moving to a different country after I graduates – possibly looking at Japan if I choose to do so. My favorite thing to do is play video games. 

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