May the 4th be with you: A Star Wars Drag & Burlesque show

Grab your lightsabers and throw on your Jedi robes! Last Saturday was the nerdiest holiday of the year, “May the Fourth Be With You,” and events across the valley were held in celebration of everything Star Wars. One such event was a joint drag and burlesque show, and it was surely spectacular. 

This show was a collaboration between three production companies local to the southern Oregon area. The Speakeasy Revue creates “bespoke burlesque productions, bringing burlesque back to its roots” around the Rouge Valley. Headed by the fabulous Absinthe Allure, the revue also offers classes so anyone can bring their dream routine to life. Open Closet Drag is helmed by Max Levelle, and their focus is bringing events that are “A safe space for queer artists & audiences”. Rounding out this group of rebels was Pansy Palace Productions, a joint drag and burlesque house. Pansy Palace is the newest production company in the valley, founded by Mel. O’drama and Cocka Roach. Their mission is to “Highlight emerging drag and burlesque performers” 

This star-studded show was held at Rockafairy, a music shop located at the Rouge Valley Mall. Since this shindig was after hours, audience members were let in through a secret side entrance to get to the main event. When it’s not a drag and burlesque venue, Rockafairy serves as a nonprofit that brings musical instruments and classes for creatives of all ages. 

This show was excellent at combining the comedy of drag and the allure of burlesque. Cocka Roach’s number to the Weird Al song “Yoda” was an homage to Luke Skywalker’s training on Dagobah. They were wearing an oversized coat until the bridge of the song, when they revealed a Yoda strapped to their back just like in the movie. The lovely emcee Absinthe Allure had a very classic burlesque routine to “Fly Me to the Moon”, with an ensemble decked out with planets and stars.  The most imaginative by far was Venus La Vicious performance of “Dangerous Woman”, creating a look that combined Darth Maul and Princess Leia- Specifically, Leia at Jabba’s Palace in episode 6, (If you know, you know). 

All three of the production companies that brought this show together have events happening in the valley very soon! The Speakeasy Revue has an event on May 10th, a lovely garden party burlesque show! More info can be found on their Instagram, @thespeakeasyrevue. Next up for the Pansy Palace is an all-ages drag show on May 18th at the Black Sheep! Their handle is @pansypalaceproductions. Open Closet Drag is presenting Candyland: A Drag Drama on May 19th, and more information can be found at @open.closet.drag. Support local artists and come out to these fabulous shows!

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