On the piss: Omar’s

A definitive American bar with a warm local atmosphere, Omar’s is an ideal place to have a drink with your college buddies. Located on 1380 Siskiyou Blvd., the bar is actually on Southern Oregon University’s campus and therefore, as a resident of the university, crawling home could indeed be an option if you feel so inclined.

Established in 1946, Omar’s certainly hasn’t seen much change with particular reference to their decor.  However, looks can be deceiving, as the old-fashioned aesthetics have no bearing at all on their food, which happens to be absolutely delicious.

The dinner menu predominantly consists of fresh fish and tender corn-fed beef steaks accompanied by a delightfully extensive wine list. However, for students, the establishment’s bar probably has more appeal.  The bar is open until 2:30 a.m. and serves an eclectic mix of delectable greasy food: burgers, hotdogs, garlic and steak fries, buffalo wings and zucchini fingers.

On a Wednesday night, “Mars Night,” the bar offers their customers a great combination of free appetizers and cheap drinks that complement each other much like peanut butter and jelly.  On this night, Omar’s often works in collaboration with various promotional campaigns providing cheap drinks and lots of “free stuff”. Captain Morgan’s representatives happened to be there last Wednesday, providing the bar’s guests with free tasters of their product; this indeed meant free samples, free fangs in honor of Halloween, and other free prizes. There was also a raffle where guests were provided with a free ticket upon entering and another with any Captain Morgan’s purchase.

Students love free stuff, particularly free food and alcohol samples.  I strongly recommend checking Omar’s out on Wednesday. The venue also boasts a smoking area with an outside heater, which was greatly appreciated.


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