“Silent Resonance” on display in Retzlaff Gallery

Tiffany Hokanson’s collection of mixed-media abstract art is now on display in the Retzlaff Gallery in Southern Oregon University’s Art Building.

The show is entitled “Silent Resonance,” a name she calls a “paradox.”

Judging from the reaction of those attending the opening reception last Thursday, her art is resonating with viewers very well.

“I love abstract art because everybody can identify with it; it’s whatever you want it to be,” said Hokanson, a senior in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program.

When asked what she hoped to accomplish through her art, Hokanson simply said, “A connection with people.”

She seems to be accomplishing just that. The opening was well received, with those in attendance spending much time often fixed to a spot in front of one of her pieces, gleaning from it something unique and personal.

The art is visually intriguing and it’s all untitled, a further effort on her part to let people take from it what they will.

“I don’t title anything because I don’t want to assign a narrative; I want to let the viewer interpret it for themselves,” said Hokanson.

Her art is created using a variety of methods, including “dipping” paper in clay and other methods that she jokingly referred to as “secret.”

“My work is more about process than aesthetics,” she said.  “When I work everything disappears; it’s sort of healing.”

In her artist’s statement she says, “It is my hope that this work will offer a quiet reflection and an appreciation of the natural process of deterioration.”

This statement is fitting considering the show includes pieces that are rusted, broken, and often have a cracked, aged look to them.

Her artist’s statement continues to say, “This series represents mortality and loss through the impermanence and fragility of inert materials.”

Hokanson will graduate in June and hopes to eventually open a non-profit art center in a small community similar to Ashland.

“Silent Resonance” is on display until Nov. 19.


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