“The Vagina Monologues”: Just in time for Valentine’s Day

The cast of “The Vagina Monologues” give the sign language symbol for vagina after Friday’s performance. Photo by Lenny Holland/The Siskiyou

The Women’s Resource Center hosted Southern Oregon University’s tenth annual production of  The Vagina Monologues last weekend.

As the excited audience members picked up their tickets, the show’s ushers led them through the door way decorated with inviting pink, red and purple curtains, arranged to resemble a woman’s genitalia.

The Rouge River Room was packed with tables of vagina novelty items for sale, including chocolates and suckers, as well as sponsoring organizations which provided informational demonstrations and donation opportunities.

Among these was a table which featured each performer’s artistic renditions of what their participation in the Vagina Monologues represented for them.

Such pieces included poems, picture collages, and others dedicated to significant or influential people.

The silent auction was held to the right of the stage.

Audience members were encouraged to mingle and place bids for a large selection of gift certificates and a few student art pieces before the show and during the short intermission.

Some featured vagina themed items, others, such as a decorated mirror and candle holder, gave students the chance to display his or her own artistic talents.

Friday night performance sold out quickly, however most show goers were able to snag the last back row seats just as the lights were dimmed. Needless to say, the place was packed. The dozen or so female performers were dressed all in black with maroon colored accents. Some monologues were performed as a group, but most were done individually.

As traditionally performed, each monologue somehow related to the vagina by addressing a variety of issues like menstruation, masturbation, birth, love, or rape. One actress told the story of a woman who makes a living by pleasing women and inducing a woman’s individual moaning style. Accompanied by her fellow performers, a large range of moans were demonstrated such as that of a college student, where one woman in a breathy voice screamed, I should be studying!”

One audience member and SOU student said she enjoyed this particularly raw aspect of the show.

I think ‘The Vagina Monologues’ is an excellent means of empowerment,” she said. “I think that’s especially true when talking about a woman’s desire and experiences of sexual pleasures which are subjects rarely discussed in a society… Men are much more vocal when it comes to sexuality.”



The cast of “The Vagina Monologues” act out a triple orgasm during the climax of their show Friday. Photo by Lenny Holland/The Siskiyou


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