New shows in Marion Ady Building

Three new gallery shows opened in the Marion Ady Art Building this week, each featuring art by a Southern Oregon University student. These three installments each present unique themes, media, and imagery, and are currently up for viewing.

Jennifer Birdsall presents her “Seemed So Small In My Hands” in the front of the building, a collection of six Untitled (I Hope Things Would Change if I Vanished) pieces, a set of backlit, photographic pieces portraying death in its many forms, embracing an image of beauty in mortality. The gallery’s featured works are inspired by one of the artist’s childhood experiences, as detailed in her statement:

“When I was little, a bird hit my window. Before my mother could stop me I ran outside and gently picked it up. I was shocked by how small it was in my hands, a constantly moving creature, suddenly immobile. The bird took its last breath as I held it, and I told my mother, ‘beautiful. Mommy look! So beautiful.’”

In the adjacent left hallway of the same building we find the works of Harry Buchanan, entitled simply “Plexus,” also a collection of six works. These pieces, likewise untitled, are all done using linoleum, Stonehenge, and relief ink, and represent a combination of “organic and inorganic imagery” to create the image that “the final product is devoid of color, using only textures and structures to provide the substance of the work” according to the artist’s statement.

Lastly, in the opposite hallway is hung “Kaleidoscope” by Cory Roberts, yet another collection of six works, this time “using 3 foundations of studio art: design, color, and shape” so that “like its namesake, this series becomes a colorful, reflected pool of shape and form.” These six works show this indeed, featuring a dazzling array of colors and combining those with forms in the human figure.

All three of these student galleries are now up for display in the Marion Ady Building, and for more information you can take a look for yourself, or contact the SOU Department of Art and Art History at (541)552-6386


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