Success at Southen program holds graduation

Robin Williams, SOS advisor
Success at Southern Advisor Robin Williams at last Thursday’s graduation event. Photo by Heather Halvorsen/The Siskiyou

Southern Oregon University’s Success at Southern program held their annual graduation celebration for those in the program who are about to conclude their time at the university last week.

Success at Southern is a TRIO Student Support Services Program that gives students who are low income, first generation college students, or those that have a documented disability the tools they need to have a successful college experience.

Success at Southern offers tutoring, classes, job opportunities, and other types of support. The celebration luncheon honored those about to graduate at La Casa Del Pueblo where everyone gathered to eat, participate in raffles and be recognized by fellow participants and Success at Southern staff.

Christine Moss-Harper, a graduting psychology major, has worked for Success at Southern as well and been a participant in the program for her full four years at SOU.

Christine highly recommends this program to other students and says that she “loves their support” and that “they bring out the best in me.”

Office Coordinator and SOU graduate Aubrey Shaw says this program is important as it offers services that not only help the student get through school successfully but also helps build their confidence to succeed in life.

Shaw calls Success at Southern a “nice welcoming environment” and said the people of Success at Southern, including Shaw, strive to provide for those who come down to the office, and with people always filing in, it seems to be a goal they have achieved.

This program has enriched and help many students get to where they are today. The program as a whole is one of many tools that SOU offers to help students reach their highest potential. For further information about the program, visit Success at Southern, located in the basement of the Stevenson Union within Academic Support Programs.


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