The Voting Project: Sunday, Nov. 4

Editor’s Note: The Voting Project is a collection of interviews put together by D.L. Richardson’s JRN251 class. With elections fast approaching, the class went out and asked people two simple questions: who they were voting for and why. The answers may surprise you:


Angelica Polkowitz, 21, from the Higher Education Center campus, made up her mind to vote for President Barack Obama instead of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney this election season.

“[Obama] stands for equal rights and supports students,” she said, adding humorously: “Plus, I can’t stand anything about Romney.”


Kyrstin Wallace, 21, wanted a second term for Obama so he has a chance to “be more aggressive in seeing his policy changes through.”

She also thought Romney was a “flip-flopper,” stating that “nothing he says sounds agreeable to me.”


Niko Cummings, a business major, will be voting for Romney this November.

“Obama’s progress has been too slow,” he said. “[Romney] was more prepared overall [for the debates] and has a plan in place.”

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