Police tight-lipped about results of last week’s searches

No information has been forthcoming on the results of three police searches last week in connection to the year-long investigation into the Nov. 19, 2011 murder of 23-year-old David Michael Grubbs on the Central Ashland Bike Path.

About 50 police and search and rescue volunteers scoured the home and surrounding 18-acre property of Leonard and Sally Parrish at 225 W. Rapp Road in Talent last Wednesday, including the bottom of an irrigation pond located on the property. The divers ended their search Thursday after an arduous combing process that at one point required bringing in extra tanks of oxygen.

The other two search warrants were served at 72 Wightman St. in Ashland, an apartment in Southern Oregon University’s family housing complex, and on a 2006 Jeep Wagon located on the Wightman property. The Jeep was registered at the Rapp Road property.

Ashland police have declined to say whether any evidence has been recovered or whether any other important updates are available. They have not named any suspects.

Ashland police chief Terry Holderness expressed annoyance at the press on Thursday, saying that they would not have released any information on names and property if not for the fact that it was hard to hide a search that involved about 50 officers and search and rescue personnel.

Information leading to an arrest in the case will be rewarded by a community fund that has grown to $21,230, according to news sources and public flyers.

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