SOU Confessions: the best of week three

The Southern Oregon University Confessions Facebook page has been enormously popular among the student body of SOU, wracking up almost 1,500 likes and over three thousand posts since its inception on Feb. 20, 2013.

The page allows students to anonymously post “confessions” about their experiences at SOU through a SurveyMonkey form. The administrators review each post for hate language and offensive comments, and then publish it on the page. Click here to see the latest posts or submit one of your own.

The Siskiyou is proud to present the top posts on the Southern Oregon University Confessions page from the last week, chosen by the page administrators:

3208 “I’m a dude, and I think the word “panties” is creepy, not sexy.”

3205 “Whenever one of my nerdy friends asks if I’ve seen a show or movie I just say “yes” to avoid having them explain it to me.”

3190 “Finding somebody who are you able to open up to, feel comfortable with, and trust is definitely one of the best feelings in the world.”

3183 “When I get stoned I like to listen to classical and/or piano music. Especially when it’s Mozart or Ludovico Einaudi.”

3150 ‘I’m so glad I live in the ’60s! ..Oh, wait. No. Just Ashland!”

3149 “I would l just love to have someone to cuddle with as I got to sleep.”

3139 “Every time I take a huge shit I want to take a picture of it and send it to my friends, but that wouldn’t be very ladylike.”

3138 “Sometimes I restart the dryer because I’m too lazy to deal with my clothes at the moment…”

3135 “popping champagne in the dorm alone on a tuesday night,”

3128 “I am trying to be a better girlfriend, so I am learning how to play Halo 4 for my honey. I suck and most of the time shoot at him rather than the bad guys… It doesn’t help he sets up the game for the hardest freaking setting. Oh well, I love him more than the world and will do anything for him.”

3123 “I hate spring and summer weather. My life revolves around sweaters and jeans, that is all I ever want to wear and now its just too warm.”

3113 “Yes I’m white, and yes I listen to 2 Chainz. Former Posturepedic I was slept on. So many chains on it look like my neck gone.”

3112 “I wish I could spend every day sleeping in late with my boyfriend, smoking weed, cooking delicious foods, and wandering around forests. If only…”

3110 ‘With this page being active am I the only one that walks around campus hoping that someday, some time, someone will notice me enough to post about you? Maybe someone might actually notice me and post “To the guy…” and it would be me. It never is me.”

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