Tommy Letchworth and Max Goldman confirmed as new ASSOU president, vice president

Last week the student body of Southern Oregon University voted for who they wanted to serve in the Associated Students of Southern Oregon University next year.

The results were counted on Sunday, and the ASSOU Senate confirmed the count today. Tommy Letchworth and Max Goldman will serve as ASSOU president and vice president respectively next year.

According to the ASSOU election update, Letchworth and Goldman garnered 36.2 percent of the vote, or 354 votes out of 964 total.

The presidential race was a close one though. Jazmin Roque and her running mate Torii Uyehara received 31.33 percent of the vote, while Andrew Ensslin and Daniel Breux came in just under thirty percent.  Write-in candidates accounted for another 2.18 percent of the vote.

“The campaign was grueling,” Letchworth said via email. “I believe the other three tickets would admit that, but for both of us [Letchworth and Goldman], being political science majors, it was a phenomenal hands on learning experience.”

According to Letchworth, he and Goldman plan to “focus on fostering and improving on the relationship between different stakeholder groups on campus,” during their administration.

“[The] campus is facing tremendous budgetary woes and will be making tough decisions on what programs and services will be provided for,” said Letchworth. “The point is we are all in this together and the well-being of each stakeholder group is dependent on the well-being of the institution as a whole.”

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