“50 Jobs in 50 States” Author Speaks about “Living the Map”

Daniel Seddiqui (Photo Cred: Karen Clarke)
Daniel Seddiqui (Photo Cred: Karen Clarke)

How does one get a full taste of the diverse job market offered across the United States? Daniel Seddiqui found the answer by setting out to work 50 different jobs in all 50 US states in a mere 50 weeks, and he’s coming to Southern Oregon University to recount his journey.

Seddiqui will be at SOU at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 6 in the Music Recital Hall. Along with the findings and research from this experience, Seddiqui will be discussing what he learned from his time in Oregon. All students and community members are welcome to this free event at which canned goods will be collected for the SOU Student Pantry.

Seddiqui, who is the author of Fifty Jobs in Fifty States as well as a highly-demanded speaker, is the founder and director of the career exploration program “Living the Map.” The program raises awareness about the different career environments across the US through outreach, educational endeavors and community building. Seddiqui received his degree in economics from the University of Southern California and has now had jobs ranging from a weatherman to a border patrol agent and even a rodeo announcer among many, many others.

For more information on Seddiqui’s work, visit his website.