Ashland, After Hours

What's there to do in Ashland after hours? (Photo courtesy of
What’s there to do in Ashland after hours? (Photo courtesy of

New students come to Southern Oregon University every year for the many educational opportunities it provides, but in the words of Jack Torrance “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Luckily, Ashland has plenty to do in the day as well as a thriving nightlife. Since new students may not know where to spend their free time, we at The Siskiyou have listed some local gems every student must visit.

For students who are of legal age, downtown Ashland has wide variety of bars and nightclubs where students can let their hair down. Senior and recent 21-year-old, Emily Bryant, says her favorite bar is Granite Tap House, located in downtown Ashland. She says she enjoys “the cool environment and how the bartenders are always really funny.”

One of the great aspects of bars in Ashland is how diverse they are. If you feel like playing some pool, head down to O’Ryan’s Irish Pub, known as I-Pub to the locals, for quick game. If pool doesn’t appeal to you, why not head down to Oberon’s Tavern? This Shakespeare-themed bar offers live music performances on most weekends.

Those who find the time for a break at the beginning of the week can try Paddy Brannan’s Irish pub on Tuesday evening, where free karaoke guarantees a great time.

While Ashland is a good place to be over 21, it also has many options for students who are underage. Freshman Andrew Parmelee, says living in the dorms has been great place to meet new people.

“People are always hanging out in the lobby, playing cards or just talking,” said Parmelee.

Students who want to explore the Ashland area during the day may want to visit one of our many coffee shops and cafes. From the diverse international selection at Case Coffee Roasters, to the delicious snacks freshly made at The Rogue Valley Roasting Co., Ashland has some wonderful coffee houses.

Students of all ages who want to see some live shows can go to the Club 66 Cafe, a great little venue thatpresents live performances 5 nights a week with bands from all across the west coast.

The venues listed in this article provide great spots new students should visit in order to get a feel for the town. These are good places to start off but new students really need to explore the city of Ashland themselves in order to find their favorite hidden gem.

What is one of your favorite spots to visit around town? Let us know where and why in the comments section.