International Week Celebrations Features Food and Festival


If you’ve recently walked through the SOU campus, it’d be difficult not to notice the promotional posters of the upcoming International Week celebration hosted by the International Students Association (ISA) of Southern Oregon University (SOU).

This years International Week: A Night To Remember; Thursday, April 30th at the historic Ashland Armory will start at 5:30PM when students from East Asia, Europe and the Middle East will be wearing culturally significant dress, in honor of their nations. Be prepared for their sharing of song, dance, history and more.  A Night To Remember will offer attendees an opportunity to sample unique culturally based food.

According to SOU’s fact sheet1: between the last four documented years (2011-’14) the International students at SOU make up, on average, 144 students per year. The overall average student population is 6,376 students from the same said time line. This event, put on by a minimal number within the student population …perhaps will inspire some to travel to parts of the world they are representing here, or so the international students hope.

A virtual tour of ISA’s SOU website says,“the club is open to all internationally minded students at Southern Oregon University who have an interest in sharing and learning about other cultures.” There is a weekly meeting “held every Wednesday from 5:30-6:30pm, in the Student Union, Room 313” where trips and events are planned including,“whitewater rafting, trips to the coast and food festivals”

The International Student Union is hoping for a good turn out this year.