Raider Football Recap

Southern Oregon University Raider football marked their 100th game at Raider Stadium with a memorable win against Montana Tech. The final score: SOU 44, Montana Tech 12.

“It’s always a good day when you can come out, compete, and execute when we need to,” said defensive line August Forrest III

The usual energized Raiders seemed to reach a new high point as they took to the locker room during halftime. “The energy in the locker room was crazy,” said defensive lineman, John Jackson Jr. Like the Raiders, the energy couldn’t be contained. “We went into halftime, it wasn’t even getting adjustments, it was a party. We turned the music on and started dancing,” explained Jackson.

By the start of the second half the Raiders confident they had the win. “We knew we had them, we knew we had them rattled, so we just had to finish it,” said Jackson.

The defense managed to shut out Montana Tech making it nearly impossible for them to adjust during the second half. “We really suffocated their offense with our play on defense,” said Head Football Coach Charlie Hall.

Wile Montana Tech represented a big rivalry matchup for the Raiders, the team remained focused on their movements and plays in the game instead of on the competition. “Every week we go into it looking at things with the perspective of: it’s a nameless, faceless appointment…” said Forrest.

SOU football had much to play for as they faced off against Montana Tech. Once a season the team has a dedication game in which each athlete plays the game for someone who had an influential role in getting them to Raider Stadium. 

Jackson, who had the first interception of his career during the game, said “I had to do it for my Granny, so I feel like I made her proud.”

The game marked both a milestone for SOU football and a step in the right direction as the team eyes returning to the National Championship this season. “Obviously our ultimate goal is to get back to the National Championship and if we can win the 100th game at Raider Stadium, that’s a nice milestone,” said Hall.  

Now the Raiders (3-0 FC) take the long trip to Carroll College to defend their streak Saturday at 1 p.m, keeping their minds on one game at a time.

“There is a standard of being a champion that you have to play to every week. You can’t expect a letdown, you don’t tolerate letdowns. I think this program has that wired within them,” said Hall.

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