Bojack Horseman, Season 6

The first part of season 6 of Bojack Horseman was just released on Netflix on Friday, October 25th. Bojack Horseman has quickly become one of Netflix’s longest-running animated series to date and one of its most highly acclaimed shows. Rotten Tomatoes has given it above 90% in both audience and freshness meter. 

Bojack Horseman

The show is about the star of a sitcom show called, “Horsin’ Around” that was around in the ’80s and 90s. The main star of the show, Bojack Horseman, who is a horse, lives in today’s Hollywood as a washed-up celebrity. The series follows his arc through 5 seasons seeing all the terrible things he has done with his life after his show ended and how he’s affected by the ever-changing landscape of Hollywood. 

Now, if you have never watched Bojack Horseman you might see the words animated and animals as a light and fun-hearted concept, but no. This show is a dark, adult comedy all the way. Even though the series has very whimsical elements, it’s grounded in a lot of real issues. You don’t have to be a famous celebrity to relate to Bojack’s depression or a worker at Girl Croosh to relate to Diane’s feeling of not living up to her full potential. This show is great because even if it does have talking animated animals through the script, it’s a very real show.

Let’s talk season 6. Along with the usual clever slapstick animation, great subplot lines and amazing voice acting that always comes with this show, this first half of season 6 is full of happy endings. Major spoilers up ahead, if you haven’t watched the show please go watch it, this is your last chance. BOJACK GETS THERAPY!! Finally, after the cliff hanger in season 5 with Diana dropping him off, I fully expected him to bolt out of there! We get to see a satisfying close to Bojack’s character arc, and how we saw him like a wild alcoholic horse in season one to a more mature grayer Bojack by the end of season 6.

It seems like this time, especially after he causes the death of Sarah Lynn, someone who looked up to him as a father figure at almost every major turn in her life, he seems to be trying to get sober. He doesn’t want another Sarah Lynn on his hands, that’s why we see him keep the bottle of vodka in therapy, and why it turns to the stars that were in the planetarium the night Sarah Lynn died.  

We see a lot of our favourite characters being able to live out their happily ever afters, which as someone who has been watching these characters struggle for 5 seasons, was so nice to see. For example, Princess Carolyn adopting Ruthie. However, a running theme for Bojack is that he is never really held responsible for his actions and he wants to be. Remember when he went to the AA meeting with Sarah Lynn and admitted what happened in New Mexico? There are almost no consequences for any of this because, well he’s a celebrity. But, the ending of the first half of season 6 shows the reporters are on the trail to figure out New Mexico and Sarah Lynn and Bojack might finally get those consequences. 

If you have a free weekend, now that midterms are coming to a close, get yourself a blanket, some ice cream, and maybe a friend for emotional support and watch this show.

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