Schneider Museum of Art, Fall Exhibition

With finals approaching, it may be wise to take a quick break and flex your creative muscles by looking at some of the new art pieces on display at the Schneider Museum for the Fall Exhibition. There is a wide and varied collection of artwork by contemporary Latin artists whose art focuses on current issues within the Latin community.

Victor Maldonado
Escuela de Migrante, 2019
Acrylic on Canvas

Along with the impressive pieces from Latin artists, there are also some well-known paintings. Such as Landscape with Boats by Roy Lichtenstein. This famous piece is on loan from a private collection so if you ever wanted to see the master of Ben-Day dots work it would be best to hurry on over before the term is over and the holiday season goes into full effect.

Roy Lichtenstein
Landscape with Boats, 1996
Oil and Magna on canvas

For those who are unaware, Roy Lichtenstein was a very influential artist who helped shape and foster the new art movement as its leading figure. His work often parodied designs seen in public advertising or comic strips in a very tongue-in-cheek manner using the style as a way to explain more impactful thoughts and ideas than those that were typically seen on a billboard or comic book page.

Along with these magnificent pieces of art for your visual enjoyment, there is the option to participate in the creation of such fine art. Classes are offered on Tuesdays for free at 4 pm to assist Latin artist Justin Favela with the creation of a mural celebrating the food and general culture he grew up with. To participate in this wonderful opportunity send an email to for details.

Favela is a mixed media artist whose work is typically in the piñata style. The work he does often focuses on his Guatemala-Mexican-American heritage and celebration of his identity as a queer person of color raised in the United States. This is an excellent opportunity for all our current art majors or lovers of art to meet a talented individual working in the art world.

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