“Fallidays” An Improv Show

The Next Best Thing Improv Team. Photo Credit Sören Smithrud.

On Friday November the 19th Southern Oregon University’s improv group The Next Best Thing put on an end of the term show. The appropriately titled “Happy Fallidays” show was to be the grand finale before the long winter break and finals to give some laughs and bring the community together. The event included drinks to fit the season with hot chocolate and hot apple cider, and overall the show encompassed a feeling of comfort on a cold rainy day.

When asked “What does the future look like for The Next Best Thing?” Co-Captain of the team Emily Perry responded with, “The future looks bright with more live shows and live streams to bring more light into people’s lives.” 

Most of the members of the team were happy to be off zoom with this show, as “It’s difficult to set up that magic of the show, but we don’t want friends and family to miss out who live far away,” they said.

The Next Best Thing gets ready to play another improv game. Photo Credit Sören Smithrud.

When asked why improv is important to them, Valentine Paine, one of the members performing, responded with, “Improv is a practical skill that interacts and helps the community grow in humor and togetherness.”

The show was filmed in front of a live audience and can be found on YouTube. This show was filled with laughter and joy that will definitely fit any holiday this year. About sixty two people came to watch the show live a mix of students, faculty, and friends, and twenty were watching live on YouTube. An overall successful turnout to say the least.

Emily wanted to have a last statement to end the year on. “I am very thankful for this team. They are incredibly hardworking and dedicated to their craft and I could not ask for a better group of people. I am also thankful to everyone who came to the show or viewed the stream; their support means everything.” 

The term may be ending soon but the future of The Next Best Thing looks bright. They are a team of passionate, fun, and silly people gathered to pursue entertainment. The Siskiyou looks forward to seeing more of their performances.

The team takes one final bow to end the night. Photo Credit Sören Smithrud.

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