ASSOU 10-4-2022 Recap

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 we began with the land of acknowledgement. The agenda was approved with no objections. First was the approval for the minutes of the last ASSOU meeting  

The events were discussed for the town such as the pride parade and festival as well of the events happening around Ashland after the parade. The discussion for senate rules will be discussed at a future meeting. The judicial branch is still in the process of selecting another senator; they hope to have someone chosen by the next meeting. No major updates from admin. She mentioned the pride parade and she yielded her time. NRHA had no major updates, but they are still struggling to find members. Several budget approvals for clubs have been decided. The motion to extend time to clubs passed by a minute. Athletics: every single team that competed last week won. Club sports are starting at no definite date yet. Committee assignments have been assigned each person has around five ASSOU’s goal is to hire more people to fill committee positions.  

It was then moved on to swearing in executive members. The swearers began by taking their oaths, the members were then sworn in and they took their seats at the table.  

Conflict of interest policy; it has not been updated since 2009, the old policy does not stretch to all; the faculty tended to only focus on the teacher and how they should not have romantic affairs with students. Policy shows employee relationships with students. The language is wanted to be changed to broader terms, so it is no longer only geared towards teachers but all faculty. Language could also be directed to students who hold power. Yet the policy also holds the acceptance for relationships that are preexisting but also to protect relationships that may form. The main point of the policy is to protect those who are in relationships to make sure there is no special treatment or exceptions for students who could be in a relationship with someone who holds power either among the faculty or students. The policy will be posted for comments for two weeks. Students are very much in favor of the policy. This is a common policy among other campuses yet with a wide variety. 

The interview discussion began by extending the time by ten minutes all in favor of no opposed motion passed, the interview discussion now has fifteen minutes. Discussion included holding the integrity of the ASSOU and making sure everyone will remain unbiased. Interviews will start next week and will be a two-hour meeting with one eight-minute break. At the interview meeting, now gallery no minutes will be recorded. The interview questions were discussed to make sure the questions were understood as well as to provide the interviewee with effective answers. 

Moved on to kudos, Keely got kudos for her COC, Kudos to everyone here, Kudos to Mason presiding over the meeting, Kudos all around. 

Moving on to the open forum, there was nothing to note for it is still early in the year and there has not been anything to mention. 

The meeting adjourned at 6:50pm. 

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