Hot Patootie, It’s a Horror Show!

Let’s do the Time Warp again to one of EPIC’s most recent events! Last Friday, October 27th, EPIC hosted their own Rocky Horror Picture Show screening in the Rogue River Room.

For those unfamiliar with these special screenings, audiences are expected to interact with the film in any way possible, so long as it is both safe and respectable to fellow audience members. Some of these interactions may take the form of “heckling” the film–shouting jokes about characters’ appearance or outfit, or making callouts to the film during dialogue or transitions (i.e. pointing out how castles don’t have phones). Props are also encouraged at many of these screenings, although the exact list of acceptable props will change based on the venue. These props, much like the heckling, are meant to be used to poke fun at the film and go along with certain scenes. While one of the characters runs through a rainstorm, audiences may raise some newspaper over their heads in the same way the character does. Finally, audiences are more than encouraged to dress up for these screenings. Often, audiences may choose to dress as characters from the film, others may create outfits inspired by characters–but if you choose to wear sweats and a hoodie, that is perfectly fine as well!
For this year’s screening, EPIC decorated the Rogue River Room with old horror movie posters, dim lighting, and an area for audiences to take photos. Before the screening started, many participants had lined up in waiting to get group photos of their spectacular (and in some cases, scandalous) costumes. Some participants dressed up for the show, some arrived in costumes not necessarily related to the film (one particularly interesting costume was a “one-night stand” nightstand, complete with “Plan B” smarties and a certain form of protective measures).

Once the screening started, the audience wasted no time in chiming along with the film. Many sang along to the songs, many more heckled, boo’d, and humiliated the characters, and some audience members stepped up to dance and lip-sync along with the film. In preparation for audience participation, EPIC had set up a stage beside one of the three movie screens for audiences to dance and sing along to. For those who did not bring props, EPIC had prepared a slew of props for audiences to snag and use, like toast, bubbles, rubber gloves, and much more. With the previously mentioned “Running in the rain scene,” water was sprayed onto the audience from above. EPIC, of course, provided newspapers for anyone unlucky enough to forget protection.
After many cries, screams, cheers, and mature-rated sounds, the screening came to an end with a round of applause to the creative minds behind the film. Folks packed up their stuff and went about their night, taking a few photos before heading out and helping themselves to any leftover snacks and drinks from EPIC’s snack bar.

With the scary festivities coming to a close, EPIC has some cozier events planned for the future with their Cocoa Campfire on November 9th. From 6:30 – 9:00 pm, feel free to drop by Raider Village for drinks in collaboration with Southern Grounds.

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