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Lumberjack International

Ever since I discovered the joy of facial hair, my face has remained adorned with fuzz.  My beard and I have traveled the world together, conquering countries and wooing locals.  Not only have I cultivated my face hairs above the Arctic Circle, but I have also bronzed my whiskers near the equator.  From here on […]

Responsibility of Choices Will Track You Down

Recently my wife and I…at my wife’s insistence…went to the animal shelter to buy some books, to help support the construction of a new building at the shelter. Ok, anything for the poor critters housed there, and plus I was going to get a bag of books for only $5 … what a deal. I […]

180 Degrees South: An Adventure on Film

Epic journeys are few and far between in this modern world. Almost every frontier has been explored. Even much of the deepest areas of the ocean have been explored. In a time where boundaries are shrinking exponentially, and the horizons seem so much closer, a journey must sometimes simply be a retracing of steps long […]

Hit by the graduation express

I had a dream last night. One like I haven’t had in a long time. It was midnight and for some reason I was walking down a railroad track in the middle of nowhere. Like a kid, I was balancing on the 3-inch rail walking as far as I could before I fell off. The […]

To think of being human

The theme for Southern Oregon University this year is On Being Human. As opposed, one may wonder, to WHAT? Animals? Oh yes, lets all conveniently forget that humans are part of the animal kingdom and use that particular dichotomy! Or, more honestly, we could just say any other species of animal.  So humans are humans, […]

Overhearing a conversation can take you back

It’s truly interesting what I overhear when I am walking between classes at Southern Oregon University. Love lives falling apart, teachers not being fair or unclear about what they want. Sometimes just daily life. Once I overheard three women discussing the difference between a long board and a short board. I could only deduce that […]

The splash was bigger than expected

    Four weeks ago, in my column titled, “Tunisian unrest could begin to ripple throughout region,” about the mass protests in Tunisia, I called for similar peaceful protests to spread all throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Unfortunately, it seems that the international community has not taken heed to the words of this […]

Outdoor Program is a cache for adventurous students

Southern Oregon University’s Outdoor Program offers terrific services for students. From kayak rolling clinics to snowshoe rentals, the Outdoor Program has something to offer avid outdoor persons or the inexperienced beginner. Over the years, the outdoor program has grown from a small entity to a full service gear rental shop accompanied by a trip service […]

Giving thanks to veterans

Giving thanks to veterans

RW Balzer On November 11th we celebrate Veterans Day and give thanks to all the living veterans that have served our country both in time of war and in blessed peace. I, as a Viet Nam veteran, wish to thank all the vets from WW II to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for their service […]