Thorndike Gallery hosts Daniel Kasser’s work

Daniel Kasser’s series of photographic art titled “Artifacts of Technology”  opened in the Thorndike Gallery on Jan. 4.

Kasser, a professor of visual arts at the University of the Pacific, collected stunning composite photographs that highlight the relics of a bygone age, and the seemingly ancient and monolithically proportioned remnants of American industry. The photos are themed around five staples: agriculture, water, mining, energy, and transportation.

His art opening serves as a commentary on the American West, and as “evidence of our optimism, symbols of our progress and the remains of our efforts to ‘reclaim’ the wilderness in pursuit of Manifest Destiny, individual and national wealth,” Kasser said in his artist’s statement at the forefront of the gallery.

These stunning black-and-white and color pieces are currently on display in the Thorndike Gallery in Southern Oregon University’s main art building, and will be shown until Jan. 28.

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