Notice of eviction

Churchill building on the SOU campus
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President Cullinan and other Southern Oregon University administrators are getting the boot from Churchill. In fact, everyone in the building is!

After I heard this rumor I asked myself, did they forget to pay the rent or were they just partying too much? Did they disrespect the landlord? What is actually going on? And more importantly, where are work-study students going to pick up their pay checks?

I found out that everyone is just being moved to the upstairs in the computer science buildings while ancient Churchill gets a seismic retrofit. I’m sure that there are other major and minor repairs that also need to be done. After all, it is an old building. Actually it is the original building, built in 1872 that housed the beginnings of Southern Oregon University, when it was called Ashland Academy.

The thought of the President of SOU being evicted from her offices might seem a little humorous, but being evicted from your abode is a serious matter. And not being allowed to move back in, or your actions leading to someone else not being able to live in home, is no laughing matter.

Too many times I have heard about landlords that refuse to rent to college students because of how their property was mistreated by previous student tenants. Late payment of rents and the general state that the property is left in can be a real problem for landlords.

Yes, some landlords are part of the problem, but more likely than not, they are just people who have made an investment in piece of real estate. They prefer tenants who pay their entire rent on time and maintain the property properly. Most are even willing and glad to return ALL the security deposit if the property is returned to them in the same condition as when they rented it out.

It’s a small request for landlords to ask for their property back in the same condition that the rented it out in. If that’s the case they will more than likely be willing to rent back to you next year!

I don’t think Cullinan will have a problem though.

I wonder if President Cullinan and the staff leaving Hogwarts will get their security deposit back.


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