Finals Week Schedule and Events


Epic held a finals care event on Thursday December 1st in Raider Village. They had a table set up which contained goodies and spa materials, such as relaxing and interactive stickers, face masks, chocolate, animal squishies, scalp massagers, lavender pouches, tea, aromatherapy scents and more! You could put together your own care bag consisting of any of these items. 

The Epic club is also thinking ahead for their events coming next term. All the trash they have accumulated, like plastics and cardboards, will be recycled and used for a trash fashion event they will be hosting around the fourth week of next term. All the materials not claimed at this finals care event that is considered spa relative, will also be getting used for a future event they will be holding at finals care next term. Students will be able to find more information about Epic’s upcoming events at the club fair on January 18th where they will have a table handing out their scheduled events for the term. Join in on Epics events to meet amazing people, make fun projects, and get cool free stuff!

Finals Week Schedule 

In person exams according to SOU’s finals week schedule are created so as not to conflict with other classes exams. Students can find the exam schedule here if you are confused about when their class meets next week, or be sure to email their professors if they are still unsure of their classes meeting time.

Writing center hours for Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday are from 1:30 – 7:30, Monday is 12:30 – 7:30, Wednesday is 9:30 – 7:30, Friday is 10:30 – 7:30, and Saturday is closed, you can look at the hours here which gives you a better visual representation of the writing centers hours coming into finals week. You can sign up for the writing center hours through this link so as to guarantee the reserve of times that work for you. 

Math and Science writing center hours consist of Sunday being 1pm – 9pm, Monday, through Wednesday are 8am – 6pm and 7pm – 9pm, Thursday is 8am – 9pm, and Friday is 8am – 4pm, with Saturday closed. To sign up for the hours you want is through the Hannon library link on moodle, then click on library services, finally select tutoring services and pick your hours there, or just click this like to direct you there.

Library hours During Finals Week

Sunday, 12/4Monday, 12/5Tuesday, 12/6Wednesday, 12/7Thursday, 12/8Friday, 12/9Saturday, 12/10
Library Hours1pm–11pm8am–11pm8am–11pm8am–11pm8am–11pm8am–5pmClosed

Winter break hours 

Library HoursClosed9am–5pm9am–5pm9am–5pm9am–5pm9am–5pmClosed

You can also click here to see the hours directly from the website.

The Student Rec Center during Winter Break is Closed Saturday, December 10 – Sunday, January 8, click here to see the details.

Dorms will be closed December 9th at 4pm and reopen on January 8th at 9am, the same goes for the Hawk which closes for winter break on Friday Dec 9th at 4pm. Check out the details on the SOU website.


Ashland has already seen some snowfall over the past couple of days. This is both a farewell and best wishes to those of you who are driving home for the holidays. Be safe of the cold weather, make sure your vehicle has chains on hand, and also travel with a stash of food, water, and a warm sleeping bag just in case!

SOU, staff, students, and The Siskiyou all look forward to seeing everyone back on campus January 9th for the start of the Winter Term! Have a great break!

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