Study Jam offers weekly support

Holly Holstein
Holly Holstein, a sophomore, studies art history in Hanon Library, Sunday afternoon. Photo by Emily Albertson/The Siskiyou

 More students will now be able to take advantage of group study time this term as the weekly Study Jam program is moving to the library.

The program, which is organized by Academic Support Programs on campus and developed out of the Learning Commons, is now well into its second year serving students.

The idea of Study Jam is to bring students together while helping with homework questions, pep talks, and direction on assignments.

“I think that its helpful, students having an opportunity to come together and get ready for the week,” said Taylor Burke, coordinator for the Student Success Initiative program.

The event takes place Sunday evenings from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Learning Commons on the first floor of the Hannon library.

In the past, the Study Jam has been more about collaborative work time and a group studying environment, but this term the Study Jam will have a tutoring aspect as well. Tutoring in math and writing will be available during Study Jam.

The program grew out of the Academic Support Program after staff there saw the need for students to come together to do their homework and budget their time.

“One learning opportunity we had wanted to create was a group study environment,” said Burke.

The program usually sees about 20 to 25 students attending each week, but Burke believes the move from the ASP room in the Stevenson Union to the library will attract more students.

Students are able to join the program on a drop in basis every Sunday night for the remainder of spring term.


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