Battle of the hip-hop nation is a success

The Battle of the Hip-Hop Nation 2011, was held at Southern Oregon University’s Britt Ballroom on Saturday, and proved to be off the charts.

Put together by Southern Oregon’s Latino Student Union and the Black Student Union, it was a place for all to be. The event was open to all ages, and was a great way for students and community members to express themselves in an art form.

To start the night, there was a freestyle dance followed by a series of dance-offs. The participants varied in ages and styles, but were all crowd pleasers, with even a few people who were so good that a rematch was needed to determine the final winner.

In addition to freestyle dancing and dance-offs, there was freestyle rapping and “rap-offs,” where each participant showed what they had, and why they deserved to be deemed the champ.

Three official judges were present to determine a winner of these battles, including Kristina “with a K” from 107.5 KISS FM.

Hung on fences surrounding the battlegrounds was graffiti artwork, which was raffled off. Overall this event was definitely worth the $2 entry fee, as was proven by the cheering crowd.




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