The Voting Project: Monday, Nov. 5

Editor’s Note: The Voting Project is a collection of interviews put together by D.L. Richardson’s JRN251 class. With elections fast approaching, the class went out and asked people two simple questions: who they were voting for and why. The answers may surprise you:


David Rose, 44, a psychology major at Southern Oregon University, will be voting for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

“I plan to vote for Governor Romney partly in protest to our current president who I voted for four years ago,” said Rose. “I am less than enamored with the President and his policies.”

Rose didn’t agree with many of Obama’s policies, citing the National Defense Authorization Act and the extension of the USA Patriot Act as two bills that increase the power of the presidency and allow U.S. citizens to be detained indefinitely.

“I am terrified of where Obama may be going with these policies,” Rose said. “They are third-worldish.”


Dominic Militello, 19, a psychology major, said that although he will not be voting in the upcoming election, if he did he would vote for Obama.

“My main reason is Obama’s tax policies,” Militello explained. “Taxes will be raised on the rich, which will be better for the economy.”

Militello said that Romney seems to be a big business man, whereas Obama seems more local.


Gabriel Lenetsky, 18, is a pre-medicine and biology major at SOU.

“I will vote for Obama because Obama communicates his plans better to America,” Lenetsky said. “I feel like I can trust Obama in knowing what [he] can do for the country.”

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