“Seeing 8” Exhibit Allows Art Faculty To Show Off Their Work

Seeing 8 at the Schneider Museum of Art showcases work from the SOU Art department’s faculty. Muuqi Maxwell/The Siskiyou

Have you ever wondered how the school’s faculty members express their artistic talent? Now you can find out. “Schneider’s Museum of Art” is currently hosting galleries starring the work of eight SOU Art faculty: Marlene Alt, David Bithell, Cody Bustamante, Miles Inada, Kathleen Murney, Peg Sjogren, Robin Strangfeld, and Tracy Templeton. The museum typically switches exhibits every term, so patrons get a chance to view artwork from all walks of life. This time, however, students are treated with artwork created by staff that they personally know.

This isn’t the first time that Art faculty members have had their talent showcased at Schneider. “We tend to do [faculty exhibitions] every two years,” says exhibit manager Tiffany Mancillas. “Whoever’s faculty at the time submits work, and even if they’re the same faculty members two years later, they’ll still submit new work.” This time around, the art faculty have published artist statements available at the museum’s front desk. Students may become curious as to why they are examining tiny bits of porcelain with a microscope as part of a gallery. The artist statements can help clarify the creator’s purpose and vision behind the piece, making this exhibit in particular a great starting point for amateur viewers.

Unlike past exhibits, there’s no over-arching theme for the SOU faculty work, collectively called “Seeing 8”. This was praised by Mancillas. “If an exhibit’s all one theme and you don’t like the theme, you don’t enjoy it,” she explains. “But I feel like this exhibit has a little bit of everything for everyone.” Though every gallery is an individual submission, there is one particular piece in the back that ties them all together.

“Seeing 8” will be hosted at the Schneider Museum of Art until March 16th. Students should keep in mind that there is no charge for admittance. There is also a pamphlet available at the front desk of Schneider revealing the times and locations of artist talks and performances.

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