The Nerd is the Word: Spring TV is Coming

After a short hiatus, The Nerd is the Word is back with a vengeance. Join our hero in this issue as he discovers the secrets behind Daredevil’s dying words.

We are in a transitionary period in the world of television. The winter shows are beginning to wind down and either fall shows are airing their second halves or the spring shows are starting up. We are in a golden age of television and spring is perhaps when some of the biggest shows return. Here are a few of the shows that I am most excited for this spring.

Game of Thrones, HBO (Premiers Mar. 31)

As we come into the third season of the adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, the cultural phenomenon has only gotten bigger. If you haven’t seen the first two seasons, you owe it to yourself to watch all 20 episodes. I checked out the first episode purely out of curiosity. I’ve never read the books (though the first two are loaded onto my Nook, ready to read), but I have become completely enthralled with the narrative. I have been counting down the days until the premier. Winter is coming.

BBC America’s Supernatural Saturday (Premiers Mar. 30)

This section actually encompasses three separate shows, Doctor Who, The Nerdist and Orphan Black. Doctor Who premiers the continuation of the seventh season. We saw the exit of companions Amy and Rory Pond (or Williams if you don’t understand the show) and were heartbroken in episode five. The Christmas special introduced (kind of) the new companion Clara. We will see how she fits in to everything, as well as the return of the Cyber Men in an episode written by Neil Gaiman. The Nerdist is the talk show edition of the podcast of the same name. Chris Hardwick, Matt Mira and Jonah Ray will be back behind the desk in this new series which alters the format from the previous “Specials” format the show had previously. The group will talk all things nerdy and be the laugh riot that they always are. Orphan Black is one that intrigues me slightly. This will be BBC America’s second original series (rather than a UK export). It stars Tatiana Maslany as a woman who witnesses the suicide of a woman who looks just like her, which turns out to be her clone. She takes the dead woman’s identity and, throughout the series, get’s caught up in a conspiracy. I loved the other original production from BBC America, Copper. All of the BBC companies have a fantastic track record with SciFi shows, and who doesn’t love conspiracies involving clones.

Revolution, NBC (Premiers Mar. 25)

This is the second half of the first season. The series was created by Eric Kripke (Supernatural) and is produced by J.J. Abrams’ (Lost, Star Trek) Bad Robot Productions with Jon Favreau (Iron Man) directing the pilot episode. The series explores what the world has become 15 years after all of the electricity in the world stops working. That’s right, nothing that runs on electricity works in this world. It has been a spectacular ride during the first half of the season. We’ve seen how Charlie Matheson and her uncle Miles (played by Tracy Spiridakos and Billy Burke respectively) grew up in or adapted to this new world and their adventure to save Charlie’s brother from the evil dictator and militia leader, Sebastian Monroe while uncovering the secrets behind where the power went. If you didn’t watch the first half of the season, every episode is available to stream on NBC’s website, including a version of the pilot with commentary Jon Favreau and Eric Kripke.

So grab your preferred TV watching snack, get on the couch and watch these shows. Now on to this week’s Pull List (for Mar. 20).

Deadpool #6 (Marvel): Here it is, the finale to the Dead Presidents story arc. We’ve seen the Merc with a Mouth hack and slash his way through the past presidents for the past five issues. Who will win? Who will die? Who will die again? FIND OUT WEDNESDAY!!

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #21 (Marvel): The Venom War continues. Miles’ dad lies in critical condition after his brush up with Venom, who knows entirely too much about Miles. This issue also sees Miles teaming up with none other than Gwen Stacy. I’ve always been a Mary Jane Watson guy, but Ultimate Universe Gwen Stacy is AWESOME and kicks major butt.

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