The Hawk skyrockets in providing students with a better quality meal

This year at Southern Oregon University the dining facilities have changed greatly.


For first year students who did not know that the old dining facility was located in the Cascade residence hall, which had a similar set up to The Hawk, the new placement  has definitely served as an easily assessable food source for most students living in the university residence halls.


A Junior at SOU- who preferred to go under the anonymous name of Grace –has experienced both Cascade as well as “The Hawk,” shedding some light on the key differences.


Grace said that “the quality is a lot better now, because they have more space [and] more stuff to work with.”



The company A’viands, who is behind the whole dining operation, has changed for the better.



Grace stated that“now they are more open to suggestions that they did not have…[the] bagel cutter that Cascade used to have [that the Hawk did not have] was gone, and the new cutter was really hard to use, I requested that they get the bagel cutter back and they did… It is certainly the small things like [that] which make a huge improvement to the meal times for each student.”



All the food areas are the same as before, burger bar, salad bar and various other stations, with other little adjustments that have been made for the better : freshly tossed salads, better burgers and freshly cooked Asian cuisine.



Lastly Graced mentioned some criticism for “The Hawk”by stating that “ they used to have a ‘tastes of the world’ section… every week they had different foods from different countries, so one week it would be Greek and everyone could be adventurous and try Greek food which is something a lot of us can’t do normally.’



Grace also mentioned how the seating isn’t exactly functional as “the chairs don’t fit under the table.”



Overall “The Hawks”quality is an extreme improvement than to the previous dinging facility. There is more space and more options, and if there is any constructive criticism, The Hawk has a suggestion board open to all students.