“Enemy Within” Looks to be a Breath of Fresh Air

photo via http://www.xcom.com/enemywithin/us/#home

A remake of the 1994 game UFO: Enemy Unknown/X-COM: UFO Defense , X-COM: Enemy Unknown took critics and fans by storm, receiving over 20 awards at E3 2012. With a smart mix of action and strategy, it restarted the heartbeat of the turn-based strategy genre.

Tackling a hostile invasion of extraterrestrials, you play a commander of the X-COM project. You manage resources both worldwide and in your base as you expand and protect different nations. The meat of the game is sending out your squad to different missions and situations to defeat alien threats. The game is short but easy to sink time into, and sadly can become stale after a while. This is where Enemy Within enters.

Bringing a new resource, new enemies, a new class and over 40 new maps, Enemy Within should have no problem breathing new life into this already popular title. On top of the alien threat, you now face rogue agents. The new expansion also contains Operation Progeny. Originally planned as a small DLC release, it’s been fleshed out and added to the bigger release.

The expansion pack X-COM: Enemy Within is due to release November 12th for PC at $29.99. A console version will be released the same day and will be a stand-alone game that includes past DLC and will be $39.99. Expect a full review soon after its release.