Review: “Thor 2” is Really Really Cool

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With even more hilarious quips and eerie villains, Thor: The Dark World is a terrific follow up to the original film. There’s still enough action to intensify, enough mythology to entertain, enough romance to intrigue, and enough of the hammer-toting god turned superhero to remind us why he’s our favorite Avenger.

When a race of dark elves decides to make an attempt at gaining power over the universe, Thor’s homeland of Asgard is threatened. Back on Earth, Thor’s love interest from the first film, scientist Jane Foster, has been eagerly awaiting his promised return only to be disappointed and goes searching for answers, finding a mysterious dark force instead. With her life threatened, Thor must find a way to beat this dark force and save Asgard at the same time. Between his mischievous and very envious brother Loki and a new enemy that may very well be impossible to beat, Thor has his work cut out for him.

The Thor sequel is fun, energetic, and tough, aided by great performances by the entire original cast including Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, and Anthony Hopkins. If you see one movie this month, make it this one. There’s nothing cooler than watching The God of Thunder kick some serious ass.