Drinking Still Not Encouraged in the Library

Students who have noticed the large green sign posted in the window of Hannon Library might have some questions as to why the building is applying for a liquor license.

IMG_2517Unfortunately, those who were hoping to be able to bring beer into their study sessions or purchase a cocktail from the coffee shop, will still be out of luck.

Alissa Kolodzinski, Executive assistant to the university librarian, cleared up misconceptions about the application that will permit parts of Hannon to serve alcohol. She explained how the application that Hannon has turned into the Oregon Liquor Control Commission is actually for an extension on areas in the library where wine and beer can be served during special occasions.

Currently, Meese and DeBoer are the only places in the library where alcohol can legally be enjoyed during events such as Friday Art Walk, and other planned gatherings. Alissa said that these areas had received permits around ten years ago but events that serve alcohol must adhere to strict regulations when they do occur.  Some of these rules are that only beer and wine are permitted, (no hard liquor) and that all drinks during the event must be poured by an appointed OLCC service permit holder.

Other codes enforce supervision of entrances and exits to make sure beverages aren’t taken outside of the permitted areas.  Also, bottles and cans can’t be brought from home as all drinks must be provided by the event host free of charge.

The application for extended beverage areas includes: the rotunda, the atrium, room 352 and the third floor mezzanine.  “This way we don’t have to reapply for temporary permits any time we want to have an event, “ Alissa explained, “this is a one time paperwork and fee application.”

If approved, these spaces in Hannon will join the 30 other alcohol permitted areas on campus, some of which include: the basement in Cox Hall, the main lobby of the music building, and Elmo’s.  

Alissa and the library staff wanted to stress that this application by no means allows for students to bring their own alcohol into the library.  So if shotgunning a beer was in your plans for getting through a late night study session, you’re better off continuing to do it at home.