The Venue is the Thing!


Armory“Even though this community already thrives off of art and culture, we believe that the people are hungry for more. Live at the Armory is going to provide it, and provide it in style”, says Jason Gallagher co-owner of Live at the Ashland Armory. He is most always in one stage of preparation or another for the next big thing to hit his venue–on this occassion we speak with him as he readies himself and the Old Ashland Armory for the big Halloween party where lights, music and holiday reveling is filling the old building in the heart of Ashland,.

Gallagher, co-owner, founder and project manager of LATA (Live at the Armory) said, “We do a little bit of everything. Fund raisers, the coop, chamber music, we teamed up with the Shakespeare festival, we had an MLK Day celebration, interactive conferencing, etc. Our venue attracts artists of high caliber that usually makes headlines.”

Last May, Stephen Marley, son of reggae legend Bob Marley, performed at the Armory. Stephan Marley is known for musical singles such as No Cigarette Smoking, Rock Stone, Hey Baby, and Ghetto Boy. His album titled Revelation part 1 – The Root of Life won a Grammy Award for best Reggae Album in 2012.

In September, a musical group called “Juan de Marcos and Afro Cuban All Stars made an appearance at the Armory. According to Overture Center for the Arts, these artists are, “the best musicians Cuba has to offer.”

All this excitement is not how the old armory started, built in the early 1900’s it was once a place for the National Guard to meet but after a few years of sporadic concerts and some holiday parties the owners turned over management to LATA, “I personally have a love affair with this building. It gives you a feeling that you’re standing in something historically significant. The building was and is currently owned by the Devoers. They’re a pleasure to work with” said Gallagher. In my interview with Gallagher, he also mentioned that there is an upstairs bar for all those attending their events called “the IP lounge.” This bar is open to the public during events LATA has organized.


On November 6th, they are holding an event called “Galactivation.” LATA describes this event as, “A delicious array of auditory stimulation in store with non-stop booty shaking beats. Live painting throughout the night.” If you wish to know more information about LATA and their upcoming events, you can always check out their website.