Varsity Theatre to host Student Film Festival

Southern Oregon University’s Student Film Festival opens next Thursday at the Varsity Theatre in down town Ashland, and there have been changes since last year. Rather than a class, Film Club will be putting on the annual event for the first time.

Preparations started in January, and since then, the club has organized event details, taken student submissions, rated the films, and chosen the final lineup.

Film Club President, Moriah Doepken, said, “It has been a lot of fun” to have the opportunity to be in charge of such a significant campus event. Doepken, a digital cinema student as well who has two films in the festival, continued, “It’s such a celebration of all the talent we have here at SOU, which there is a lot of. It’s cool to see our students show so much potential.”

The festival features many different genres, and a very diverse repertoire of films. From comedies to documentaries, one film will even require 3D glasses.

“You should go to the festival because, personally, I was blown away by the talent here at SOU”, Film Club member and digital cinema major, Cameron Riggs noted. “I have seen all the films, and was on the committee to help choose what was featured, and I have to say they all deserve to be in it.” Riggs passionately ranted about how all SOU students should be interested in coming to the event. “Why wouldn’t you go? It’s cheap, this is the only time you’re going to see any of these films especially in a setting like this, and you’re supporting your community and classmates.”

The film club has worked hard over the past term to put on the film festival. Because the event was previously put on by an actual class at SOU, they were able to have something to work off of, but they had to figure out how to do it all themselves. “It definitely takes an army,” said Moriah Doepken. But the highlight, of course, is going to be able to see all of that hard work pay off. “ I just can’t wait to see the faces of all the filmmakers and everyone to help put on the event. It’s absolutely going to be all worth it.”

Kelsey Goldman is a graduating this Spring with a degree in Digital Cinema, and her film “Release” will be featured on Thursday. “Every year its a fun social event that really brings students together to expand our creative thinking. SOUSFF creates a community within the department that we don’t really get any other time,” Goldman said. “Since its competitive, it feels like an honor to be apart of. There are many great filmmakers…I’m lucky and grateful to be chosen. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s hard work and learning from my peers.”

The Southern Oregon University Student Film Festival is going to be at 6 pm on Thursday May 31 at the Varsity Theatre in downtown Ashland. Tickets will be three dollars and they are sold on campus as well as at the door. After the screening there will be an after party held at Hearsey, which is an additional two dollars, but available to all.


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