Farmer’s market returns to downtown

Since spring is in full swing, Ashland had its first Farmer’s Market of the season on May 4th. There were lots of vendors there and many people came out to enjoy the weather.

We spoke with Matt Suhr, who runs Happy Dirt.

SUHR: “This is the first Saturday market of the season. My favorite part is, a lot of times, it’s really a lot…like getting up early, always being late and having to rush to set up. And you know, having the pressure of having it all be ready by the opening bell. And then once the people start coming and buying stuff…they’re just so friendly and it’s so fun. And just seeing people. It’s kinda my, it’s my social life (laugh).”

LILLIAN: I’m running the “Yes Bakery” booth. We do um gluten free and um vegan baked goods. It’s been fun, yeah, it’s been fun. It’s the first Farmer’s Market of the season, so it’s cool seeing everyone out and being out in the sun. It’s beautiful weather for the first day. I smeared a bunch of donuts with frosting. Yeah the fun is here, the fun is happening in the booth as, you know, the day goes on!”

The Farmer’s Market will continue throughout the spring season. To find out more, you can go to to see their scheduling.

This has been Sarah Domine, from the Siskiyou News.

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